Good News and Bad News SHOOT, it came early

  1. okay so my fall podium on its way. my store got a shipment notice.

    man I was sure hoping for it to come in later.

    I am totally unprepared for this...not been saving for it...actually be blowing money left and right.

    I was thinking I was safe because I know Europe shuts down for August so I was okay I am good.

    but no my birkin will be in next week...while i am happy. i am freaked out!
  2. Ooohhh, feel both happy and sad for you guccigal07 :p
  3. I need a plan, a big plan...and I think I might have to sell some things for it. oh no. oh no.
  4. life can hit us with surprises, maybe you will work it out? i hope wishes on it for you!
  5. I hear you on that one! Get saving NOW!!!
  6. yeah I gotta save alot in the next week.

    I am freaking out...I either have to sell something big.....or sell alot of little things...or oh my gosh I just can't...turn it down.

    le sigh.
  7. congrats!!!
  8. BUT its on the way to you-- SOOOOO exciting!!!!
  9. I'm sure you will find out a way ! Congratulations !!!!
  10. well its on the way to the store. my SA thinks it will be in next week.

    I looked at my caller id when she was calling...and was like oh no.....its in. I just new it.

    the good news in...I had a few pieces of clothing out on approval that i was going to ring up today...but I am going to take it back so that saves.

    I have a fantastic pair of Manolos that ain't cheap out on approval that I am going to ring up today...and I don't want to give those up :sad: but sending them back would pay for the tax on the bag....

    something has got to what will that be.
  11. Ahhh, the life of an Hermes lover! On one hand, I know you are absolutely delighted that it's on its way to you! On the other's scary when you haven't been saving up for it. Been there, done that, and have gone temporarily into debt for it. :p
  12. definitely shuffling my money around recently to fund my H purchases!

    I agree -- you can't give up your Manolos!
  13. Slightly different as this concerns a "standard" bag, but I have just ordered a gold Birkin, and I said that I knew they would have more than one coming in, so please could I be down the list a bit as if it came too early I would be stuck.

    My always wonderful SA said she completely understood, I can't tell whether she appreciates the candour or thinks I am a complete idiot!
  14. its just what I get for not planning a bit. i knew it could be in anytime

    so its time to manage money and see what i can eBay to help my husband feel better about it! haha
  15. Ouch but yay!!! good luck - selling is a good idea IMO and what I would do!! But quickly lol!!!