Good News about NM returns...

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  1. I'm pretty sure there was a thread here about the frustrations many are having getting their returns credited to their accounts and the time it's taking when making a return to Neiman Marcus by mail.
    I couldn't find the thread but thought it would be helpful to post this information I just received from them:

    I called once again to check on my returned bag and they are still very behind. The very nice customer service rep said that they must first give the warehouse 14 days from return date (I sent the bag USPS Priority w/ Insurance and Delivery Confirmation- so I know exactly what day they received it).
    NM Customer service is permitted to credit your account 14 days from when their warehouse receives your return!!
    GREAT NEWS! He said he would personally do that on Friday if the warehouse hadn't recorded the bag in their system yet.
    I also was able to obtain a copy of the signature, from USPS, of the warehouse person who accepted it. I will be faxing that to NM as proof.

    I know some gals had posted that it had taken months to get their accounts credited.
    THAT is utterly rediculous and now it appears we have some leverage in this situtation.

    I hope this helps.

    (**Sorry this probably goes on another board, please move if necessary.)
  2. Glad to hear that. I'm one of those people with several returns that I'm waiting for my credit on.

    I really wish they would get a handle on their returns since I would buy more from them if they were quicker.
  3. That's good to hear. Fortunately, I have always had excellent service with NM, including returns, but I have read where several people haven't been so lucky.
  4. Thanks for the info!!! I usually end up waiting about a month to a month and a half for them to credit my account. I just sent one bag back today. So I might just try your route if I don't get a credit back within a reasonable time frame.
  5. Another good tip that I recently learned that is useful for those who have a neiman marcus (or bergdorf goodman) store in their city is that you can bring your returns to customer service in either store if it's an online order.

    So for those of you in Manhattan, for example, you can bring your online NM or Bergdorf orders and return them in store at the Bergdorfs in midtown. This can speed up the return :tup:
  6. i do this with almost ALL online orders i make - you get your returns much much faster and you don't have to pay for return shipping (most stores will deduct the cost of return shipping out of the refund they give you). i can't think of any major retailer that won't allow you to do this.
  7. Wait...I'm a bit confused...If I purchased something from BG, can I return it to our local NM store? I have so much trouble with BG because they take forever to credit my account. I'm 5 min from a NM store, so it's much easier to return things.