Good morning, ladies

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  1. So, Im always up really early...(its 5a.m here in TX) and wanted to say: "Good Morning!".

    I hope everyone starts off their day with a great morning....
  2. and...has a great day!
  3. Woah, you ARE an early riser! But I think we've proved that good business can be made this early in the morning :P

    I'm about to kick my fiance out of the bed (he's always so damn sleepy lol) and get him in the shower.. Then put on a BIG pot of coffee for both of us.

    I've always been an early riser. Usually I do some morning cardio before breakfast, like a little run or something.

    Have a great day Texaschic and have fun with your agenda today!! :love: I miss it :shame: but I'm glad she's got a great new home;)
  4. thank you I'm in texas also it's 4:11am, I can't sleep so haven't gone to bed yet. Eye drops, preparation H (for undereyes), concealer, and some peach blush for tomorrow and if that doesn't work sunglasses. Have a great day everyone.
  5. hehe...I HAVE made some good deals early in the know what they say 'the early bird gets the worm...."...I put up a thread on the LV forum regarding my new beauty!!
  6. Have a great day!! it is half past twelve in the afternoon here and I am already starving...
  7. Good Morning to you all! Its gonna be a really good day!:biggrin:
  8. My mom used to tell me that all the time!!
  9. i'm up early as well, i've got a sociology test today :sad: wish me luck!
  10. Best of luck Amanda!:biggrin:

    I was up at 8am today, but it's now lunchtime...12:40.
    I'm not generally an early riser, but anywhere after 6am is fine with me:P
  11. Good luck Amanda!

    It is nice to have a friendly group to say "Good Morning" to.
  12. Good morning to you, too!

    Also, good luck on your test, Amanda!
  13. Good morning, & Good luck !!!! :love:
  14. Good luck to amanda!!
  15. Mornig ladies .......Slow day at work thats a good thing 8 hours of online browsing & shopping :smile:
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