Good morning ladies! i'm back :) want to buy DH a watch for father's day

  1. what are the price ranges for H watches for men?

    quick update on me: for those that remember me, I had my baby girl Jacqueline 2 months ago :smile: She's a perfect beautiful princess with a full head of hair :smile: I've been MIA since I was at home and busy with the two kiddies but now i'm back at work and ready for H talk !! :tup: i've missed you guys!

  2. Hello and congrats! I was looking as well for my DH and i saw an arceau chrono for 3700.............
  3. Hi!!!! Nice to have you back! Congratulations on baby Jacqueline. Is this your first daughter?

    I don't know anything about men's watches, but what a great idea for father's day.
  4. Congratulation on your beautiful princess Jacqueline!
  5. Congrats on baby Jacqueline! and welcome back :flowers: I have no idea of the mens watch pricing, so I let others reply you ;)
  6. Congrats and welcome back!!

    Watches are a lovely idea. And for Daddy's day, too! What a wonderful way to celebrate a new baby :yahoo:

    Dunno prices, but happy for you! Welcome back again!
  7. Congratulations on baby Jacqueline! Good luck on your watch search (sorry, I know nothing about Hermes for men).
  8. congratulations, xboob - and welcome back!

    with regards to men's watches - i know there are a few styles that are under $ 2000. cant remember which one. check out the watches at the boutique.
  9. Congratulations on your lil Jacqueline!! and welcome back!!
  10. Congrats! Welcome back. I'd wondered how you were and how the new precious one was doing!

    Don't know a thing about watches, though, so I'm no help there.
  11. Ooooh, the Arceau. That's the one.
    Congrats on the baby!
  12. Maybe Japster can help you out a little bit.