Good Morning!!! I just finished ordering...

  1. the Mono Groom Pochette cles for $150 (plus shipping) at 866-Vuitton, I saw the same listing at eluxury for $200. That is a big difference in price, didn't really expect that, do they usually offer items at such a difference in price like that?! There are still some available but I'm sure they will be going fast the shipping is cheaper then eluxury though so I think I'm going to be ordering some of my items there!!!!
  2. The correct price is $200. They either made a mistake and charged you less or you were misquoted.
  3. The regular Mono Canvas cles is $150. Do you think you may have ordered that by mistake?
  4. It could be possible but I did ask him specifically for the groom and we even started talking about it and how popular it is, etc! Maybe there was a mistake, I'll have to check, although he did reconfirm the item and price before placing the order.
  5. Maybe it's 150 Euros?
  6. No he didn't say euros because this item is being shipped within the U.S. and he gave me the shipping price in dollars also! But if it were in euros that would explain some of the price difference!
  7. the regular mono cles is 150$ the groom is 200$
    Mono cles.jpg grooms cles.jpg
  8. Isn't the Groom Keyholder WN $150?
    The leather one..
  9. There is another cles which has the groom guy stamped on it on a piece of leather comes in red or blue, its 150.00 its considered a cles
  10. That right. Maybe that's it!!
  11. Maybe its the groom keychain and not the cles. The keychain is $150 the cles is $200

  12. Haven't seen that one. Do you have any pics? Thanks!!!!
  13. I think he's sending you the keychain...which they also call a cles! I'd call back and double check!!!!!!!!!!1
  14. I called to find out about the order and they told me that a mistake was made but that it wasn't the SA's fault because the product # he was looking at was not listed correctly (in other words he knew which item I wanted but it was listed under the wrong #... something like that). So the correct order was placed and it is $200 and she voluntarily offered to waive my shipping costs which I thought was very nice of her. All is well!!!
  15. glad you resolved that and are getting the item that you really wanted all along