Good Morning All - Please Help

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  1. I am new to this thread... I have been a Louis Vuitton girl for so long... even went to Chanel for a brief moment... but my new obsession is Balenciaga... I live in Houston so there aren't stores where I can go see one IRL... Fortunately, i will be traveling to SF next month and I am sooo excited that the Barney's there carries them in the store :yahoo:... What do you recomment for someone that is petite but doesn't like small bags? I don't want to be swallowed by the bag... but I like size...

    All thoughts are welcome... and pictures also... TIA!!!!
  2. I am 5"4, and love the size of the city.
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    How tall are you?

    The city is my favorite... it's a classic style and is the perfect size for me! For reference I'm 5'5"

  4. I would say City and/or Part-Time are both great sizes that are roomy enough for petite girls.
  5. City
  6. City or Part-Time.
  7. City
  8. City sounds perfect for you.
    But just wait & see what they have in store..... as well as style preference you also need to look at; colour, HW combo & the actual leather of each bag ........
    good luck :smile:
  9. Neimans also carries them-make sure to look there too when you are in SF.

    If you are petite but dont like small bags, I would recommend either a GH city or a RH or GH Part time (the GH City is bigger than the RH city):biggrin:
  10. City.

    Regular hardware is lighter. I am 5ft 1, likes slouchy bigger bags minus the weight.

    Hope you will find yours soon! Good luck now!
  11. City!
  12. Thanks for all your responses... My top contender is the Giant City Rose Gold... I like the look of the hardware since it's not as bright as the gold or silver... Do you think this will be tooooo big? I am 5'3. Any modeling pics out there?
  13. Hi, welcome to bal... I think a City or a Part Time would fit you well. I'm 5'3" also and since you're leaning towards the City with RGGH, here's a picture of me with the Ciel City in SGH, the leather hasn't broken in yet in this picture, so it hasn't slouched... it should look better when broken in.


    And here's a picture of my favorite style, the Part Time

    Cyclade RH Part Time


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  14. Your pics are great! those sizes actually look perfect... Does the city come in the Rose Gold hardware or just the Giant City? is there a size difference between the two? I looked at the dimensions and they both had the same numbers...
  15. "Giant" refers to the size of the hardware not the size of the bag. A giant city comes with either silver or rose gold hardware. Hope this helps! Good luck with finding the perfect bag :smile: