Good moisturiser for pregnancy tummy?

  1. Can a lady make a recommendation for a good moisturiser to sloth onto your tummy so that it is nice and soft rather than a nasty orange peel after pregnancy? I want to start early so I went to my La Mer lady today to ask about her products but, as much as I love La Mer, I am not too keen on spending $2,000 on the jumbo tub which may only last 2-3 weeks!

    So any suggestion for good ones which are cheaper would be appreciated!
  2. I used to use coco butter (long time ago) but never got one stretch mark! I used it every day and put again at night while relaxing. Good luck and congrats!
  3. Lorebunde beat me to it!!

    I have never been pregnant, but everyone says to slather coco butter all over your tummy and surrounding areas at least once per day to help with stretch marks!
  4. everybody told me to just forget about putting anything since my mom had stretch marks and so will I. But I still went ahead and slathered Vitamin E oil and on top of that I used the Mustela for stretch marks lotion. I am happy to report that I didn't get one stretch mark, and so haaaaaappppy.
  5. coco butter worked well for me :smile:
  6. Yep..old fashioned coco butter. Mypersonal favorite is Palmer's. I did not use it regularly, but I don't have any stretch marks. I think alot of it may be due to genetics....
  7. I have heard that rosehip oil is good for stretchmarks.
  8. Palmers cocobutter.....the old fashion, cheap kind in the tub. Your belly is so gross and oiled up but I swear this worked for me. I put it on every single night before bed. Genetics do play a heavy role as well.
  9. I've been using body butters from The Body Shop and I LOVE them! My favorite is strawberry.
  10. Bio-Oil is great for stretch marks too, a frind of mine used it all the way through her pregnancy and she didnt get 1 stretch mark!
  11. I am 9 mths pregnant and have been using Kiehls body moisturiser since day 1. Touch wood - no stretch marks so far. Altho i heard that you can also get them when you lose the post baby weight (eeek!!!)
  12. I think any good moisterizer will do, especially the nice thick creams/butters. If anything, it can't hurt right?
  13. Palmers or Kiehls Creme De Corps
  14. i'm 23 wks preggo and i use Vitamin E Body Butter (lightly scented) from the Body Shop..
  15. I'm a massage therapist and sometimes do pre-natal work with women...the buzz in my profession is with two is called "BAG BALM" which comes in a an old-fashioned-looking green tin and is thick.

    The second thing, and one I actually swear by for lots of moisturizing needs, winter feet, dry hands, you name it, is just pure coconut oil. This is solid-in-room-temp fat that is totally incredible for helping a myriad of skin difficulties! Make sure to get the unprocessed stuff...

    The best part of both of these products is that they are totally chemical free and inexpensive!!!! Both can be found in health food stores, coops, your basic hippie establishments:p :heart: :yahoo: