Good LV story

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  1. ;) This last weekend, I went down to see my horse and go riding with my riding buddies. This is out in the middle of nowhere, it's called San Acacia, New Mexico, you'd never even find it on a map. Literally, it's the wild backcountry.

    So, we see a car driving down the road and my trainer, Dacodah, says oh those are my friends from Las Vegas. We're on horseback, and I look in the car and lo and behold in the backseat is a woman holding the White MC Judy GM:yahoo: OMG! I quickly galloped over to my friend Peggy, and said, PEG! There is a $2000+ bag in that car! They all looked at me like I was crazy, then I galloped over to the car and screamed in the window, Hey! I love your bag! The woman proudly held up her Judy for me to see and I gave her thumbs up. I kept telling everyone that totally made my day!!!!! An LV sighting in the back woods boonies! wow!

    Can't wait to go to Las Vegas in May to do some purse watching. Catching one in the wild is really hard to do....:graucho:
  2. That is a great story!!!!
  3. how awesome is your story! post pics of u and your horse too. :smile:
  4. I love that story! And, I love that Judy was out in the wild! She is a wild hot bag!
  5. That is so awesome! I love it!!!
  6. Great story. Thanks for sharing.
  7. A sweet story , Thanks for sharing that with all of us !
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  9. oh that's a great story vee!! LV's in the wild, LoVe it!!! great picture too. last time I went horseback riding, my horse kept going to the right. I was so scared. haven't been on a horse since then. :nogood:
  10. Thanks L&M! Can you see the video?
  11. What a fun story. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Great story!
  13. Haha, funny story!
  14. great story