Good LV Customer Service Story (at the Chicago store)

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  1. Dear fellow LV lovers,

    I had such an awful customer service experience at the Chicago store that I absolutely refuse to ever contact them again.

    For Valentine's day, I ordered and received my Neverfull GM Damier Ebene. My online order was flawless (despite the issues I had a few months ago ordering something else). The bag was in perfect condition, the canvas was aligned perfectly on the edges, I loved it.

    5 days later, the leather trim had a large tear/crack. I was so sad! I know some of you had issues with the handles but I don't hear much complaints about the trim.

    Anyways, I freaked out and called the store in Northbrook, IL. I asked for the bag to be replaced rather than repaired because I didn't want to wait 4 - 6 weeks. I am moving so it's extremely important that I get the bag sent to the correct address and that I get it back in time to take on my trip March 6. But they of course can't make any promises without first inspecting the item. So I paid for overnight shipping and extra insurance yesterday. Sorry, no pics as I was in panic mode. They received it this morning and I called this afternoon for a status update.

    I know some people have had repair issues and some managers refuse to replace their bags and it's even harder when I can't go to the store in person (it's 3 hours away), but surprisingly the rep said he'll ship me a new bag immediately and it should be here by Tuesday! I also asked him to double check the sides to make sure the squares were aligned. :P

    I was too happy about the bag getting replaced with a new one that I didn't bother to ask for reimbursement on shipping, which cost me $40.

    I pray mother nature is on my side and doesn't delay my shipment as I will move by next Friday.

    Just wanted to share. There is some hope in LV customer service after all.
  2. Northbrook team is awesome. I make all my purchases there . My SA is Nicole. Love her! The store in Nordstrom on Michigan Ave is also great.
  3. Its a great experience. Glad things worked out for you.
  4. Do you like Northbrook better than Oakbrook?
  5. Yes! Much more! Oak Brook has a larger selection, and lower tax, but the SA's aren't nearly as friendly.
  6. Thanks ladies. I'll update as soon as I receive my new bag.
  7. nice to hear :smile:
  8. Update:

    I received my new bag this morning just before I left for work :smile:

    I think I need to use my bag more and allow the leather and canvas to soften up a little bit before u do anymore cinching.
  9. It will loosen up the more you use it, my de mm did. ..I'm glad it all worked out with you new bag!
  10. good luck on everything... hope everything works out in the end
  11. Nicole and Irene( the manager) both are great in the Northbrook, IL location. This is the store I bought my first LV from. I bought from them and hooked with LV because of their awesome service.
  12. I'm glad everything worked out for you :smile:
  13. Glad it worked out for you! Good luck in the future!