GOOD LUCK with your exams - NAUGHTYMANOLO!!!!!

    MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!

    We'll go out and celebrate when you're done!!!!!

    Now - STOP hanging out on tPF and STUDY!!!!

  2. NaughtyManolo - study hard, we're rooting for you. It will be over [soon i hope] and life will get back to normal. Hugs for you.
  3. NM: All the best with your exam!!! Study hard!

    Damn, I hate school and studying. I'm so relieved that it's over! No more school, thesis, exam and projects! :wlae:
  4. Good Luck Naughty M!!!
  5. .... N M .... If u r reading this ...


    u shd come back & read at least 8 pages....

    BEST of LUCK!
  6. NM, good luck!!! If you can read this, you're not studying hard enough!!!! If you do well, maybe there will be some gummy handcuffs in it for you.:p
  7. Oooh, anyone know what kind of exams???

    Either way, GOOD LUCK! It's almost that time of the semester for me too (seriously, why am I on TPF?!!!) and I know how stressful it is, so TAKE IT EASY and remember to STUDY HARD and GET ENOUGH REST too! That's the key to success :yahoo:

    GOOD LUCK!!! :tup:
  8. Good luck NM!!! You will do fabulous! We all know you are the brains around here!!!
  9. Good luck to you!!!!! Hope everything goes well!!!!
  10. OMG GUYS!!!!! Your so kind! This really does mean a lot that you guys did this for me! My first exam is on Fri, and have spent the last few days on tPF!!!!!! It hasn't hit me that its my HSC yet!!!! I can't wait till tis over 5 weeks!!!! 5 more god dam weeks! Thanks again guys I appreciate the support.
  11. P.S. Everyone ask what GF got in her HSC!!!!!!! She was quite the smart cookie!
  12. What are your exams in? Are you taking standardized tests? Midterms?

    I don't have my finals until December. That's when it's absolute crunch time for me!
  13. LOL - two babies later and I feel VERY dumb........:lol: pregnancy kills your brain cells!!!!!
  14. Our NM is doing his HSC, which are the GIANT set of exams we take here in OZ at the end of our High School. They're the BIG ones, and very important to get into any future University courses!

    NM is our next "enfant terrible"....our next JPG!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  15. This is my final lot of exams in HS. Hence getting my High school Certificate. These exams make up my external marks. my internal and external are averaged, then scaled (according to the difficulty and state average) and then I am given a rank (UAI, university admissions index) ranging from 40-100 (anythign below 40 isn't disclosed, since its basically a definite fail) Your rank determines what courses you are able to study at University. Though these days your rank is more of a social point, its a way of showing off exactly how smart you are. I am goign to have NONE of that so no one will know what my UAI is, even though I will be proud of it. The more prestegious the university, Higher demand and difficulty of the course, the higher the acceptance UAI. i.e. Medical Law is quite high since you need to be quite smart to acctually study it it would be in the 99-99.95 or so range. An arts degree is probably one of the lowest, which would be in the 70's range.

    Since i want to get into fashion design there is only one university which offers it (meanwhile it is a really crappy course) the UAI is incredibly high since the course is in such demand, for Australian fashion the UAI is 90.5 i think and International 98.25 (higher that what GF got lol!!!) I'm defiantly not going to get in the 98 range, and not a huge amount of fashion designers will. UAI's to study Law or to be a GP are LOWER! HELLO this is fashion! not Psychology!

    Anyway I'm planning on studying at a college, where entrance is granted based on your portfolio not studies. To get into college is a whole other ordeal, there is 100 places and 1200+ students apply annually! So I'm basically doing these exams to qualify for a HS Certificate. And complete my Secondary education, in case one day I choose to study at a university, I will be qualified.