Good Luck to Bagnshoofetish! (Oscar nomination)

  1. Oscar nominations are tomorrow morning and one of our member's husband may be nominated for performing on the song "A Father's Way" from the movie Pursuit of Happiness.

    If nominated they will get a chance to go to the Oscars!

    Good luck Bagnshoofetish!!
  2. Wow, that's way cool!!! GOOD LUCK!!!:yahoo:
  3. OMG! Impressive!! Good luck!
  4. OOOH! keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck!
  5. Wooowooo!!! GOOD LUCK! What an honor!
  6. Wow! That's impressive! Good luck!!!
  7. Good luck!
  8. OMG that's wonderful!! Fingers and toes crossed for you shoo (and Mr. Shoo).
  9. wow - how exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.

    I will keep my toes crossed for her and her DH. :smile:
  10. Good luck, Bagandshoo!
  11. Wow!! That's so neat!! Best of luck to bagnshoo and her DH!!
  12. Best of luck Bagnshoofetish!
  13. That's so exciting! Good luck Bagnshoo!!!
  14. oooh! good luck to mr. shoo!!
  15. Oh my Bagsnshoo!!!

    Best of luck!!!!!