Good Luck to all those Gator Fans

  1. Wanted to wish all the Gator fans who bleed orange and blue a huge good luck.

    The big game could put the Gators on the basketball map. They have worked so hard for so long and this could be the year.

    Go Gators! Bring it home.

    (ok, I know this isn't purse talk)
  2. Only if you can make said gators into a purse and matching shoes :lol:
  3. ^^^ Hee Hee!! I wondered if there were any March Madness fans out there. Sigh, I'm so neutral, as LSU dismantled my beloved Blue Devils weeks ago!!!
  4. For me....GO BRUINS!
  5. *sticks out tongue at gator fans* go Bruins!

    i actually have a red t-shirt that says Gator Haters on the back of it. i think it's an entrance requirement to get in to UGA to have one.
  6. Another UCLA fan here....have to cheer for my alma mater. Go Bruins!!!
  7. NO! :biggrin: go gators! I am a FL gator fan at heart.
  8. Go Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!