Good Luck Lads!!

  1. :tup:

    Ok, my footie (soccer) team the GREAT LIVERPOOL FC! are playing in the champions league final against AC Milan tonight (in about a hour!)

    ALL you WONDERFUL PF'ers wish them good luck :biggrin:

  2. I hope the team you're rooting for wins!
  3. thank you! me too obviously haha!

    its one of the biggest competitions you can win in club football in europe!
  4. :yahoo:
  5. Im watching honey. Got a great feeling about tonight, and its a night of watching Jamie and Stevie ;) :biggrin:

    come on you reds :biggrin:
  6. And you'll neverrrrr walk aloneeee you'lllll n'hever walk a'lone. C'mon you R'eds. 1 nil down :tdown: let's hope they get a kick up the ass in the dressing room.
  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Milan have just scored again! I am gonna cry!!!!
  8. Come on 3 mins of extra time, we need another goal!!!!!!!!!!
  9. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: Nooooooooooooo
  10. I am totally gutted right now! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  11. Yikes! Sorry about the loss

    Walk on
  12. Absolutely gutted. Liverpool were the better team on the night but unfortunately just didn't take their chances. I shall refrain from commenting on the ref except to say he will not make it to my Christmas card list for sure!!
  13. :sad: seriously deflated today girls n guys! :sad: gutted is all i can say!

    at least we got a goal back though :smile: and i felt we played really well and controlled the game for the first 45 mins!

    congrats to milan anyways, cant be a sore loser!

    passerby! i wish my words about the ref had been as simplistic as that haha! he was rubbish!

    moscow 07/08 HERE WE COMEEEEE!
  14. yep, I know its a cliche, but you should definitely take pride in the way that you played, and the conduct and spirt of the game. I completely agree with the irony though, I watched the last game when Liverpool beat Milan, and this time they played so much better and lost! its a funny old game is football ;) lol :biggrin:
  15. Indeed, that's why we love the game, chloe-babe! Now we'll just have to see who Rafa will sign (new striker please). Would have loved to see Robbie Fowler on the bench, but that was not to be. :sad: gucci_girl_gg, I'll be sweating and hoping Xabi will not be tempted by the likes of Barca.