Good leather boots?

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  1. Hi, I really need some flat or low block heel black leather ankle length boots and am looking for recommendations for classic styles or good brands for leather boots.

    Not looking to spend more than $300 for a pair.

    I have previously bought designer shoes like Hermes, Chanel, and Stuart Weitzman and I personally just do not think the brand is worth the quality anymore, so I am hoping to get some suggestions from you guys!

    Thank you so much :smile:
  2. Last winter after a lot of trial and error I got these l'amour des pieds boots. The heels are about three inches. The leather is really nice and they're pretty comfortable. I haven't done any extensive walking in them though.
  3. Have you tried Everlane day boots? They're super soft and has a low heel. Add a rubber sole to get more longevity.
  4. Have you looked into Frye? I am a big fan. I have the Philip short, Engineer 12r, Shirley OTK, and Jane. The Engineers took a bit more wearing to break in but if you like that style you might prefer the Veronica.

    Many styles available and I've been happy with the heavy wear. Hope this helps!
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  5. Another Frye fan here. I have many of their boots & they wear well. I found the opposite of ColdSteel for me with the engineering boots all being comfy right away while others like the tall Jane took longer but are now oh so comfy. I have walked all over the city in Frye boots & haven’t had sore feet yet. My other favorite short boots that don’t break the bank are Aquatalia & Sam Edelman.
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