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  1. So my bf and I took my Bloomsbury to LV to see if they could exchange it bc the scratch on the leather trim but he said they couldn't pretty much bc it's a wear and tear issue not a quality issue even though he said he believes me when I said I didn't wear it and also bc it's been over 30 days. He said he could send it off to be repaired free of charge and told me if I went anywhere else he guaranteed they'd charge me for it over 200$ 😱 pretty much because they have no proof if the damage was there before I took it home or not. Not sure if that's 100% true but I didn't want to take my chances. Anyways since he said he'd comp the repair I was like of course I'll just do that. Even though I won't have it for 4-6 weeks I decided it'd be best. Plus that means it's the original Bloomsbury my bf bought for me so that meant a lot to me. If free why not right? Anyways just thought I'd update :smile: thanks everyone for your comments I feel a ton better knowing when I get it back it WILL be perfect :smile:
  2. I'm glad to hear that LV took care of you like that by offering to do the repair free of charge. Like you said though, the bright side is that it's the exact bag gifted to you by your boyfriend and that when it comes back it will be perfect. Hang in there and be patient, it'll be worth it in the end:hugs:
  3. That's good to hear. They said that because it's been over 30 days but the important thing is you will get it fixed.
  4. Something is better than nothing. Hopefully it comes back sooner.
  5. Thanks 😊😊
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