Good Investment?

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  1. looking to live within means, i was wondering if this Coach is cute? I like the look of a clip, but all the metal hardware makes me iffy?

    How do you guys like it?

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  2. That's a nice looking coach bag for every day!
  3. Erm.. I hope you don't buy that actual bag.. it's a fake.
  4. how can you tell its a fake?
  5. Coach's signature fabric is sewn on bags so that the connected Cs are always on the horizontal. Like so:


    Here's a picture of that bag from eBay, not sure about the authenticity of this bag, but it's a better fake it isn't authentic. Anyways, you get the idea with the placement of the pattern.

  6. Ooooh I see what Ayla's talking about now, I don't know Coach so well--Good eye Ayla! Sigh, too bad it is a nice everyday bag
  7. thanks for that info. i'll keep that in mind whe i keep looking