Good info from my SA

  1. I bought a new Porte Tresor wallet today, and while I was at the boutique my SA told me a few helpful things that I thought I'd share:

    1. The dustbags are changing again. It's softer than the last batch which were linen-y, more like the old ones that were soft and fuzzy. (hope this helps when making future authentications)

    2. It's ok to moisturize the vachetta leather; but not often. They don't want you to do it because it will make it patina faster. But when used with discretion, it's ok.

    3. It's ok to clean the vachetta leather -- spot treat it.

    For both the cleaning and the moisturizing, he recommended the Coach leather cleaner & conditioner as it is very similar to what LV uses.

    Hope this information is useful to you all. :smile:
  2. Thanks for the info..congrats on your new wallet !!!
  3. Thank you so much for this info!:flowers:
  4. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for sharing that info with us! I'm glad they're going back to a softer dust bag, I preferred the older ones.
  6. Wow...thanks for the leather's major useful! :smile:
  7. When will they be switching dust covers???? I kinda though the linen-like ones were kinda "cheap" compared to the old softer covers.
  8. Great info, thanks!!
  9. thu_nuts, they are starting to already. My wallet came w/ the new dustbag (and a great box!).
  10. is the box any different? do you mind posting a pic of the dustbag? Thanks!
  11. Congrats on the wallet! You'll love it :smile:
    I got one of the new dustbags with my Etui ipod was funny because I hadn't heard anything about it at all then ended up getting one lol. I do like them better than the old ones..though the earlier dark beige with the LV was my favorite style.
  12. rebecca do you have a pic of the new dustbag? is it on the lvII forum?
  13. The pic of the dustbag is in here:
  14. eww nifty!
  15. thanks for the pic lvbabydoll!