Good Inexpensive Bag for Trip

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  1. Hi,

    I am going on a trip to Disney with my family in a few weeks and I wanted a small bag that I could carry that would look fairly good but be VERY practical - not expensive and with enough room/pockets to hold everything but also be small enough to carry through the parks. I have a small Coach that I wear messenger style but it is not big enough to hold the essentials for this trip - Treo phone, small digital camera and money, sunscreen park pass, etc. . I've heard a few of you say you don't actually want to take your nice bags when traveling. You may like the one I just received:

    It just came and it is so cool! I think it looks stylish enough and the pockets are just the right size for camera, phone, etc. Just all around very practica! I should be able to fit what I need and not have to haul a backpack around but it is small enough to not bother me when I take it on rides and at that price I don't have to worry about messing it up too much.

    Just thought I'd share. :biggrin:
  2. Great find!!!
  3. Ohh, I really like how there are so many pockets to carry things in. Great price too! What color did you get?
  4. I got the white.
  5. Cute bag! Have fun on your trip!
  6. Hmmm...that's nice. *Going back to website.*:biggrin:
  7. Very good find and looks very functional too while being cute!
  8. Perfect family vacation bag!
  9. I like the pink and blue/green ones!! They're cute!
  10. I am going to DisneyWorld in May (again)...have a great time! I got the Furla in white for the plane trip, and I am taking my Gucci belt bag for the parks. But if you need to take a camera/water bottle/etc., the belt bag is definitely not big enough. Your bag is cute! I like it in the pinky color, too.
  11. That looks like a great find for what you need :smile:

    Way to go!
  12. wow thats not my typical type of bag, and i looooove it!! great find indeed!
  13. Nice choice! Be aware that if you go on rides, your bag is going to probably sit on the floor by your feet (and where everyone else has put their feet) in some, and get wet in others. So be sure to carry a bag that you don't mind getting wet or dirty. When we go to Disneyland, I have a cheapo leather backpack that I bought on sale for $30 at Robinson's a couple of years ago. It's perfect for that!
  14. Thanks guys, I liked the pinky color too - at that price should have gotten it. :lol:

    And as far as getting dirty on rides - that's why I loved the price (and the fabric should clean well)! :biggrin:

    I actually thought some of the other bags were kinda nice too but I'm saving up for a Balenciaga - really want a Gaucho but by the time I could afford it, it will be NEXT Spring LOL! Although I must say, I think the Gaucho is a bag that I could carry for a long time. It's so exciting reading about everyone's - and very cool to be able to see the detailed pics as there is absolutely NO store near me where I could see it in person.

    Thanks for the best wishes on the trip. My sister and her husband are going to join our family this year and I can't wait - built in babysitters - yahoo!