Good Idea?? Bad Idea?? Please Help

  1. Love Chanel. :love: Can't wait for my next purchase. Here's the dilema. :s There is a real nice Chanel on eBay. Slightly used. Excellent shape. No card,bag or box. Has hologram and other markings. Seller guarantees authenticity or 3X's your $$ back. Seller is over 850+ sales all with high end bags and other goods. Not a bad price. A little over a grrr.
    Should I go for it?? :confused1:
  2. If you're questioning authenticity, you should post the auction in the "Authenticate this" thread and I'm sure someone would help you out. Just to be a little safer.
  3. Have you had it authenticated in that thread?
  4. Despite all guarantees from Seller, have it authenticated first......been there, didn't do scammed.....better safe than sorry..:heart:..H
  5. I have never done that. I looked in there. Looks confusing and I don't know how to post pics or links. So I am lost.:confused1:
  6. It's just like posting to any other thread in the forum. Just copy and paste the URL of the auction & click post!
  7. what kind of bag is it? any pics?
  8. Thanks lotusflwr. I will give it a try. :smile:
  9. :sad: It was gone. Someone did the buy it now deal. Please bear with me for a moment. If I find a Chanel on lets say eBay,I can have a link to the auction on a thread,and yall can tell me to jump on it or pass on it??I've only been on tPF for about a month. I'm learning every day. :girlsigh:
  10. yeah, it you have doubts of authenticity, copy and paste the link of the item int he "authenticate this" thread, and i'm positive someone will help you out!
  11. Thanks so much. ;) I :heart: this place. The great thing about tPF is everyone is knowledgable very helpful. Great bunch of gals...and a few men.;)
  12. Sorry you lost the bid, they'll be others! I took a chance once on eBay and bought one with out the card and box,I was lucky though because I got it authenticated after and my SA couldn't believe the deal I got, but boy was I scared... I dont even think I noticed the auction said without card untill after I won(impulse bid) anyway, it was used for a movie set and had NO marks on it! it all worked out good! oh and welcome to TPF
  13. as per other pfers commented above, get it authenticate first at the authenticate thread before bidding it.

    Don't get conned and better play safe~

    I hope u find another one soon, i'm sure it will pops up again but jus a matter of time!