Good Idea?? Bad Idea?? Please Help

  1. Love Chanel. :love: Can't wait for my next purchase. Here's the dilema. :s There is a real nice Chanel on eBay. Slightly used. Excellent shape. No card,bag or box. Has hologram and other markings. Seller guarantees authenticity or 3X's your $$ back. Seller is over 850+ sales all with high end bags and other goods. Not a bad price. A little over a grrr.
    Should I go for it?? :confused1:
  2. If you're questioning authenticity, you should post the auction in the "Authenticate this" thread and I'm sure someone would help you out. Just to be a little safer.
  3. Have you had it authenticated in that thread?
  4. Despite all guarantees from Seller, have it authenticated first......been there, didn't do scammed.....better safe than sorry..:heart:..H
  5. I have never done that. I looked in there. Looks confusing and I don't know how to post pics or links. So I am lost.:confused1:
  6. It's just like posting to any other thread in the forum. Just copy and paste the URL of the auction & click post!
  7. what kind of bag is it? any pics?
  8. Thanks lotusflwr. I will give it a try. :smile:
  9. :sad: It was gone. Someone did the buy it now deal. Please bear with me for a moment. If I find a Chanel on lets say eBay,I can have a link to the auction on a thread,and yall can tell me to jump on it or pass on it??I've only been on tPF for about a month. I'm learning every day. :girlsigh:
  10. yeah, it you have doubts of authenticity, copy and paste the link of the item int he "authenticate this" thread, and i'm positive someone will help you out!
  11. Thanks so much. ;) I :heart: this place. The great thing about tPF is everyone is knowledgable very helpful. Great bunch of gals...and a few men.;)
  12. Sorry you lost the bid, they'll be others! I took a chance once on eBay and bought one with out the card and box,I was lucky though because I got it authenticated after and my SA couldn't believe the deal I got, but boy was I scared... I dont even think I noticed the auction said without card untill after I won(impulse bid) anyway, it was used for a movie set and had NO marks on it! it all worked out good! oh and welcome to TPF
  13. as per other pfers commented above, get it ****************** at the authenticate thread before bidding it.

    Don't get conned and better play safe~

    I hope u find another one soon, i'm sure it will pops up again but jus a matter of time!