Good honest s/a @ BERGDORF GOODMAN?

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  1. Hi there,

    I went thru our wonderful list trying to buy a Chanel Bag from BG and will not buy from the guy that is listed - my friend had HORRIBLE experience with him.

    Marta is out until end of July
    I tried for Becca and Saskia that were out and I was told they we not Chanel s/a??
    Any recommendations?
  2. I have purchased a few bags from Irina Ser at BG. She found me my red square flap! I have found her very nice.
  3. i bought my WOC through Becca.. she mentioned she is a personal shopper as well .. so nto too sure about being a Chanel S/A with her..
  4. I've used Irina before also. Very nice and professional.
  5. Is Joseph Costello still there? He's really helpful.
  6. He’s very friendly and responded very fast but I didn’t buy from him before as he didn’t have what I wanted. I still recommend him.

  7. Good for you! Mr. Costello responds very late when stocks are gone already.:sad:
  8. Haha! not surprising. It doesn't matter anyway as the stocks are gone already.
  9. I've had very good dealings with Joseph. He is the only SA I will deal with there.