Good handvac for cat hair on furniture???!!!

  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good handvac or dirt devil that is good for picking up medium/long cat hair? I'm being overrun by cat hair!!! Aaaaargh
  2. Cat hair is a pain in the ... to remove... what I find that works for us except the central vacuum (really strong) are those sticky rolling brushes to remove hair and other crap from your clothes... well that seemed to work on our couch :yahoo: So it might take a few of those sticky sheets to get everything off but it definitely helps!

    Btw if you want to reduce the shedding, I heard the furminator works super well! :yes: I haven't tried it yet but I want one too for my long-haired furbaby!
  3. make sure the handvac you get has a brush bar (not just an opening for suction), the brushes help pick up hair A LOT.
  4. Amanda is right about the brush bar. I also just use a nylon hair brush to brush the upholstery off and then use the hose on my vacuum to suck the hair off the brush bristles. As you can see from my Avatar I have a lot of white hair on my furniture.
  5. Depends on the piece of furniture, but for some things I use this rubber brush that I got from bed bath & beyond and it gets everything off really well usually. Some fabrics it doesn't work as well on, so it just depends. Its only like $6 though. I use it a lot for their beds, I mean, they look gross with fur after the first week and I can't be buying them new beds weekly! And this always gets everything off of them.
  6. Thanks for the tips ladies!
  7. I use a pet hair remover sponge that is this really rubbery sponge that I got at Bed Bath and Beyond. We ended up buying our own steam cleaner to deal with cat hair and I find that it works wonders, particularly on the carpet.
  8. What about a lint roller?
  9. I also recommend the rubber brush, I got mine at Wal Mart for about 5 bucks. I vacuum with my Dyson every day and the upolstery attachment is so easy to use, so I vacuum the furniture every day too.

    I also brush my cat pretty often with a slicker brush (small metal bristles.) It really helps!