Good haircut for thick hair? Also... how to specify layers?


Dec 24, 2005
attorney-wife said:
Jane, Millineum Park? At the "bean"

haha i totally missed like 12 hours! but i knew that!


^my sister and my mom's cousin. the park was fairly new when we went and the bean still had all the creases. it's so random but i love it :amuse:


sleepless in The Lou
Mar 2, 2006
The "Friends" layering is thinner at the bottom and thicker at the top,standard layers have the same thickness all the way around,I have long hair and a ton of it,but it is fine in texture,and I prefer my layers shorter on the top and fuller towards the bottom.(kind of like Catherine Zeta Jones style) Having said that,i am a hairdresser(for 16 years) and sometimes even after I explain exactly what I want I still get the "Friends" layering, even though I tell people not to,so I would be sure to bring a good picture and pick one person to go to for at least three visits-it takes 3 visits to get a stylist used to your hair-if they do something not quite right say,'I liked it last time,but the layers were too thin at the bottom,etc,can we do it a little different?'
Jan 25, 2006
i have SUPER thick hair have to be careful what you want b/c i have taken in many photos and come out with different results everytime. esp. if you have coarse asian hair that typically doesnt '"move" the same way a caucasian woman's hair (in the picutre you might bring in) does. i've tried to have one length as well, but like your, my hair just ends up looking like a christmas tree! lol. my hair is in long layers ...believe it or not, the only hairstyle that really suits me in the shoulder-length hair that i like is a cut that mirrors ashely simpson! lol
Feb 20, 2006
IntlSet said:
I have thick hair and a whole lot of it! If I just get a blunt cut (like I have now), it kind of billows out into a triangle shape. Not that it's frizzy, it's just that there's so much freaking hair.

What's a cut that will make my hair look thinner and more sleek? I always say "Do layers" but then every stylist gives me the Rachel from "Friends" haircut which I look horrible and dated with. I think I just have a really hard time telling them what I want and I can't seem to find a stylist with a vision of his own.

Do any of you girls have too much hair, or maybe someone can make a recommendation for a specific cut?

Thanks so much!

I think layers is the right way to go. However, you might need to make sure they do a lot of layers, and thin layers. That way it will shred the thick look of your hair. :o)
Oh boy, i wish that i have your problem. My hair is super thin :sad:


Mar 11, 2006
I love this thread. I have really thick hair too and dont know what to do about it. I just kind of let it grow out, that way the weight weighs it down. Then I get it layered 2-3 layers & only use salon shampoos.

But these techniques everyones listing. . .These are much better techniques, lol.


Jan 12, 2006
I have a buttload of hair too. It's the main reason I keep mine long, like abandonedimages^
I like mine all one length and REALLY long. But pre-children {read: when I had time to do my hair} I had long layers that started at my chin and my hair was the best it's ever been! I'll try and find a pic.
The layers were long, starting at the chin and going to just past my bra line.


handbag fetish!
Jan 23, 2006
IntlSet said:
Okay, I need to find a starlet with super lotsa thick hair like mine and get her cut. Even the Asian actresses seem to have thinner, sleeker hair!

My hair is SO THICK urgh!! If I put it into a high ponytail it sags down. Seriously I have four times as much hair as some of my friends... I guess it's okay but I have no idea what to do with it! My face is semi-round too. Anyone have any pictures of their haircuts? :smile:


Feb 21, 2006
i have thick hair (not super thick...but def. a lot more than the average person). i ask my lady to go inside and "thin it out" she creates layers inside so it lightens the look of the style. then she puts in highlights so the colors doesn't seem heavy.

i also get layers put on the side and in the back :smile:


Feb 21, 2006
I have the same hair as you, it sounds like. Super thick Asian hair, I get triangle head if it's not layered. I don't have any pics, but my hair is just past shoulder length. My shortest layer gives me long bangs, like nose length. This shorter layer is a bit longer in the back- I part my hair on the side, this gives me sort of a swoopy bang look, without the annoyance of bangs (I don't like anything on my forehead), and without my hair just hanging straight down, due to the weight. Then long layers, not feathered, but chunky. This keeps the ends from looking thin and straggly, they just look nice and textured. My hair looks about the same thickness from top to bottom (I hate it when the bottom looks much thinner than the top).