Good haircut for thick hair? Also... how to specify layers?

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  1. I have thick hair and a whole lot of it! If I just get a blunt cut (like I have now), it kind of billows out into a triangle shape. Not that it's frizzy, it's just that there's so much freaking hair.

    What's a cut that will make my hair look thinner and more sleek? I always say "Do layers" but then every stylist gives me the Rachel from "Friends" haircut which I look horrible and dated with. I think I just have a really hard time telling them what I want and I can't seem to find a stylist with a vision of his own.

    Do any of you girls have too much hair, or maybe someone can make a recommendation for a specific cut?

    Thanks so much!
  2. i think the best way to get what you want from your stylist is to show them a pic. before i got my hair colored the first time, i went out and bought like a dozen magazines so i had examples.
  3. Okay, I need to find a starlet with super lotsa thick hair like mine and get her cut. Even the Asian actresses seem to have thinner, sleeker hair!
  4. i think the best way to get what you want from your stylist is to show them a pic. before i got my hair colored the first time, i went out and bought like a dozen magazines so i had examples.

    Speaking from lots and lots of experience working with many types of stylist. This is very good advice,
  5. Where do you live? If you're in the LA area, I'd suggest going to Umberto's in BH--ask for Christian V. I've been going to him for about 10 years--and I have to drive over an hour to get to him! He's really good. I have thick, Asian hair (I'm Korean) but he always does a great job of putting in layers so I can still do long hair. But he's also good with a nice short bob with some layers for movement.

    Anyways, if you're interested, the salon's number is 310.274.6395--he's at their Canon location. I don't know how much you want to spend, but he charges $70 for me (but I'm not sure if it's because I've been going to him for so long...) Anyways, tell him Judy sent you if you end up going to him. I won't get a perk--but maybe he'll do a better job knowing you're a referral. :P
  6. I have really thick hair too. Well, my hair itself is fine, but there is a TON of it. It's actually one of my favorite features about myself, but it has always been difficult to manage.

    I used to keep it short, or wear it in bobs, until I realized that this was really unflattering. Really long was fun, too, but also hard to deal with and tended to "drag" my face down. So after I got married last year, I asked my stylist to cut it to just below my shoulders and cut in lots of long layers.

    I was shocked at how good it looked, and even more shocked when I discovered that in the 2 years I had been wearing it extra long, the texture of my hair had changed from stick-straight to perfectly bedhead wavy.

    Here's a pic from last summer which hopefully shows the cut I got:



    Bonus points to whoever can guess where I am...
  7. sears tower?
  8. Close! I could see the Sears Tower from where we were.
  9. I have very thick hair too and my hairdresser just does one layer about on my shoulder (I've very long hair almost until the elbows)because I don't want to look like Jennifer Aniston as well. This just makes it look thinner without loosing the volume. How long is your hair? Unfortunately you can't go to my hairdresser until you want to live in Munich.
  10. I have thick hair also and I used to watch a show called Ambush Makeover ... anyways the stylist washed this lady's hair then told her to stand up and flip her hair forward over her head, then it was cut straight across and when you flip your hair back ... voila, layers (okay only two). So, I asked my hubby to try that on me one day and he's been doing it ever since. The sides are shorter and go longer towards the back in a "V" shape and another "V" shape underneath that.

    Ask your hairdresser about that technique and see what he/she thinks about it :idea:
  11. I always ask for long layers. I have SUPER thick hair and it's wavy too. It's a little past my shoulders. The extra weight makes it lay flat a little. I wish I had thinner hair though...
  12. next time you're at the supermarket, look for hairstyle mags - there's usually 3 or 4 for different hair types/lengths, and they should have one for long hair and it'll probably have a section for thick hair inside it so you can see some pics.
  13. Wicked, thanks for the rec!!! I don't live in SoCal, but maybe if I visit my friends at UCLA over spring break I'll catch a salon visit. I appreciate you taking the time to post that number.

    Jane, you're so PRETTY! That haircut is perfect on you. I never know what goes well with my face... I might have to copy you. I'm in Northern California also. Can you recommend a salon?
  14. Aw thanks...

    Well, I live in San Francisco and my stylist is Donnelle at Hair of the Gods on Fell Street. I have recommended so many people to her!
  15. I have thick hair, down to my shoulders. (its one length) My stylist usually thins my hair out with a razor, or pinking shears