Good Grief, What DID I Just Buy?

  1. Somebody stop me please!
    I'm selling a few things on eBay right now, so it's very hard not to shop while I'm there checking on auctions.

    I've never even seen this style before, but the leather looked so scrumptious, I wanted it bad...and used BIN and probably paid way too much. A dark brown Kooba was on my next to buy wishlist..:rolleyes:

    Any info on this style appreciated!
  2. I emailed the seller to ask if she had more info on this bag, such as stlye name or history.
    Here's a quick pic:
  3. Rosen,

    I looked at that bag too, you will love the leather and the lining. I own the little sister of your new purchase but have no idea of the style name.

    A week ago I sent a pic to Kooba asking them to tell me the style. Maybe they will write back, who knows. If you ever find out, let me know, will you.
    VintageKooba-2.JPG Vintage-inside-2.JPG
  4. I looked at that bag a lot myself. Congrats on a lovely purchase, I think its stunning!
  5. I don't know what it's called, but that's a beauty, especially if it has the beautiful print lining of the one ladysalesrep195 posted!
  6. lexie will prob know :smile: where is our kooba queen! :smile:
  7. Your little bag is darling, looks like a pre-Jessie, only a cuter lining. How do you like the leather? Is it as good as the current versions? The dark brown looked so yummy in her pics. This bag has a rainbow striped lining. Please do let me know if Kooba is any help in solving your mystery!
  8. I was hoping Lexie might know....fingers crossed.

    I think the lining is pre-2004, [​IMG]
  9. It's a really cute bag at a good price! Congrats on your purchase, even if you don't ever find out its name. :p
  10. Rosenpetals, I love that bag and think you snatched her up at a great price! Can't wait to see some pics after you receive it!!!
  11. The price was worrisome, but if it's in as good a shape as the pics portray, I'll be a happy girl! It's truly a unique, vintage Kooba. The lining looks brand new, and the pics look great, so I'm hopeful. Seller has great feedback & is only about 40 miles away, so it should be here soon!
    Thanks gals, I feel much better about the price now.
  12. Good job Rose....I only wish I knew yours or Lindy's bags names. Someone good at web sleuthing? We need Abbe or Bonnie Held's email and get to the bottom of the story.
  13. It really might be worth their while to provide a history on the web of styles & names, while plugging new styles! Seriously, even original owners of these bags don't remember style names.

    Is this an important detail only to us?
  14. kooba1.JPG kooba3.JPG
  15. I've not seen this one before. It's definitely pre-2004 but when? Who knows. These old Koobas were well made and pretty nice. You going to bid?