Good grief- Look at my speedy handle patch????

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  1. This is ridiculous!

    When I bought my mono speedy I didn't think to inspect it. A month or so after I bought it, I noticed that the alignment is completely off, and it runs uphill. MOST annoying. The heatstamp is also off, it's very deep on one side, but barely there on the other.

    So..when I bought my azur speedy, I inspected the canvas and heatstamp, but didn't think to inspect the handle patches. Just this morning I glanced at my speedy and noticed- I don't know how I didn't see it before!!!

    It's completely crooked! The other 3 appear to be perfect, but the one on the right is completely off. I'm so irritated! And just like my other speedy, it's too late to return it, I've been carrying it for months.

  2. Not to worry , its still a Very Beautiful Bag and im sure no one will notice the slight imperfection, but Im like that as well .... I want all my LV Bags to look perfect!
  3. My SA was just talking to me about this. He says that they are all like that. we were just talking, and it just came up in conversation. I just bought my Speedy, so I don't know how they are supposed to be, but he said that if you look at them, they are all like that. They have to offset them like that so the bag looks right. I don't know, but that is what he told me.

    Your Speedy is very pretty with the patina!
  4. Its not noticeable at all, so thats a good thing, unless you are inspecting it- I am sure we could all find something wrong with our bags if we looked-
  5. Oh good, I feel much
  6. Well, After reading this, I just quickly inspected my Speedy 30 Mono, but it seems flawless. Sorry, you had bad luck. I would assume that for a high-end product you can expect straight lines. It would male sense, if all four were pointing inward to acommodate the bend of the handles, but just one...
    Just turn it the other way and enjoy the bag.
  7. Yeah, I just double checked, and on the other side the patches seem perfectly straight.
    This will bug me for the life of the bag. :s

    I know it seems nitpicky, and I know it's a lower end LV, but really...for $700 I expect perfection!
  8. I wouldn't notice it as a casual observer. It still looks wonderful. :biggrin:
  9. Girl DONT WORRY!!! your bag is BEAUTIFUL! Im a perfectionist but that wouldnt bother me at all. Just enjoy it! :smile:
  10. you know what, you can't really tell. i'm sure no one else will ever notice. please stop staring at it and just enjoy your beauuutiful bag :flowers:
  11. the same thing happened w/ an azur NF when i went to buy. the first one they brought out was horribly misaligned on one side. i wonder if they send these bags back or sell them to some unsuspecting buyer...
  12. At first i couldnt see it but after the close up picture and staring for several seconds its a little noticable. But I just looked at mine and its straight. Did you get it recently...if it bothers you that much you should exchange it. I would but Im completely picky!
  13. what are you talking about? LOL
  14. I looked at the picture before reading your post and I didn't notice anything until I read your post.

    The bag is beautiful, one of the prettiest speedys!
  15. sorry, but can't see what you are talking about! I just see a stunning bag!!