Good greif!

  1. WOW, I've been looking through this board and researching some of the bags you all yearn for LOL and BOY...they sure are expensive! I mean, there are a lot of beautiful bags but I don't know if I could force myself to pay that price! :nogood: My family would literally shoot me if I picked up this kinda bag buying hobby! :yes:
    But I guess just like most of you spend on bags...I spend on cell phones and all kinds of crap for my "special" wall in my room! ;)
  2. Erm ok!
    My money is my money. I earn it, I choose how to spend it :p
  3. You don't always have to spend thousands on a bag, if that's what you're referring to. If you have the money, you can spend it however you please. But there are other options out there.

    I'm curious to know how you ended up finding this forum. LOL
  4. and your point would be ..... ???
  5. There are some great bags out there that are under $'s fun to look!
  6. I consider handbags to be my jewelry. While some women covet diamonds, I am a sterling silver kind of girl, and my bags are my most prized accessories. As far as the spending goes, as long as my family is fed, my bills are paid and there is no one knocking on the door to repossess my couch, I'll be buying bags.:yahoo:
  7. Well this is my take, always shop a sale, clerance, thrift store, cosignment shop, flea market. I have gotten most of my older style Dooney's, and some Coach from there. I can say I have paid less than $10 dls for each of them. It is all in hunting a good deal. I went to a charity sale once at a park here, and found two Gucci's for $1.00 dls, which I ended up selling on eBay, and then regretting.:crybaby: I love my IPOD :choochoo:, and go no where without it, but I also love my one and only LV bag, which was a HUGE whopping $6.00 dls complete with wallet! :supacool:
  8. :nuts: Wow, orejitagirl, you have serious handbag shopping karma!
  9. :shrugs: oh well ;)
    We all have our vices. . . some guys spend as much on rims, video games, technogoly, golf, etc. . .
    some Ladies like to buy shoes, go to the spa/salon, buy handbags, etc. . . .

    there's as many people here that spend less than $200 on a bag as there are people spending more than $200.
  10. It's all relative. What may be a lot of money to you may not be a lot of money to someone else. What may seem like a good investment to someone may not seem the same way to someone else. It all depends on the individual. For me, designer handbags make me feel good and seem like a good investment to me, so I'm willing to pay for them. If someone else thinks it's foolish then too bad! When they pay for my things then they can tell me what to buy! Until then I'll get what I feel like.
  11. Good Lord! Can I go shopping with you?:idea: