Good God I have been waiting for this week to arrive!

Aug 17, 2006
After a few months of saving I FINALLY get to go on my spree! After this week I will have another paycheck under my belt and can splurge:

Trunks and Bags Round Coin Purse in Anis (mint green)
Damier Speedy 25
Mono Cabas Mezzo
Inclusion hair clip PM in Pomme (if I decide to pass on these Chanel sunglasses I have been eyeing and want this instead).

This weekend I will post pictures of my lot! I cannot wait for the end of this week to come!:nuts:


Mar 2, 2006
By the way, the Trunks & Bags coin case really doesn't look mint green at all, it's more of a spring green. :yes:
I got this one and hoped it would be more of a green than it is..I still love it but it's not the exact color I thought it would be.