Good God EBAY SUCKS !!! sorry so long

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  1. Picture if you will, a man, injured in an accident on the job 2 years ago, he has been on workers comp ever since, and he is trying to come up with some alternative way to try and support his family, as he was raised to believe that he as the man needs to be the main provider. He puts every last penny he has into purchasing an inventory of Authentic handbags to sell on eBay, as he has tried eBay out and it is working nicely. This man puts in long hours to make sure that the supplier he uses does indeed sell only authentic handbags. After some trial and error of purchasing replica handbags from a bogus supplier the previous month. Which he still hasn't been able to get contact with in order to send back for a refund. He sells a couple of handbags right away without any problems, he feels great about himself for the first time in 2 years, because he is actually starting to provide some nice extra income and he doesn't feel nearly like the useless person from days gone by. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when his listings start getting removed for Trademark missuse, he has no idea what this means because eBay only refers him to many useless links that don't really explain much of anything. So he emails Ebay asking them to be more specific. Their reply to him is simply that they can't because they don't want sellers to be able to figure out a way to get around their rules. Now let's look back to 6 days ago when this honest fathers Account was suspended for the very same reasons that his listings were getting pulled. Now bear in mind that this person used his own pictures of his own inventory, he used his own words to describe them, he claimed many times in his listings that the handbags are in fact authentics, he made sure that there were pictures of the tags inside the bags, both sides showing manufactures name and product number. He did eberything that he was told to do right. Yet he is suspended, and has to admit guilt before being reinlisted. Crazy as it seems. Welcome to my life. Yes that's right, I have been cursed by Al Bundy himself !!!! I have since put a couple on Google and Amazon. But if anyone is interested in Gucci's and Burberry's feel free to tell me where else I can sell them at so as to get going again, and feel somewhat usefull again.

    Best Regards,

  2. ^^ gosh, all i can say is how sorry i am :crybaby:

    p.s. as you know, e-bay suspended my account too
  3. Thank You for your continued Suport Alambama, and yes I do know you have been suspended. It's just so damn maddening to think that we can be treated so horribly by a company that we pay to use. What to do? There has got to be an answer out there to all of this crap that Ebay continues to put us through. I just pray that Ebay isn't the pheonix that comes back to life out of the ashes that all the lawsuits put them in. And I will not be one of the firefighters standing there putting the fire out, I won't even pee on the
  4. Wow that sucks. I'm sorry that happened to you Seanm. I think I was one of the first suspended and mentioned on this forum. I want ebay to just go under already!
  5. Sean -- I'm not sure if Gucci sells its goods to individual parties. Can anyone chime in here? You may have received counterfeit goods without knowing it.
  6. Lori,
    I have actually paid my poupette 10.00 per bag to authenticate them, they have since told me that all of my handbags I have sent them pictures of are indeed authentic. I have even sent these emails to Ebay to no repsonse.
  7. Sorry you have to put up with that crap. it seems more legit seller are being removed while the scammers get to stay. EBay better do something before all the good sellers are gone.
  8. Oh I'm sorry about it, Seanm207
    Do you plan to sell your item for worldwide? My best friend is selling on

    It's Yahoo Auction Singapore. You'd sell your item there but major & 99% your buyers are Singaporean.

    If you interest to sell there, I'll give you trick to sell your items in reasonable prices by buyers there usually-always bargaining the items in very low price
  9. Wow, that's great, you obviously know what you're doing and you are very thorough.

    Have you tried using eBay's Live Help for this? I've found that I get results much quicker by using that tool. They were extremely helpful when my account got hijacked a few years ago.
  10. Yes I have tried live help, but they won't do anything that has to deal with Trust and Security for some reason, all they tell me is that I need to click on the link that they offer me, which is a link back to Trust and Security. I pride myself in the fact that I am an honest person, and that is why, even though I new they were authentic went ahead and paid my poupette the money to indeed verify what I have been telling Ebay all along. Oh well, I have put some on Amazon, Overstock and google in the attepmt of getting inventory moving again. We will see what happens. Thank you everyone so far for your help and kind words !!

  11. What I don't understand is how people can pay mypoupette $10 to just look at some pictures and tell if they are real. That is ridiculous, the only way to tell if a handbag is real is to hold, touch, feel-A picture could be anything.These days this handbag situation is way out of hand and Ebay is truly ruining peoples lives with their nonsense.For years they haven't cared one bit and made millions off of little people like us, now when the big dog-LV-comes after them Ebay does what they should have done from the beginning, require proof of authentication and purchase. I read on mypoupette website that ebay has consulted with them to help out with the LV lawsuit.WHy ask poupette? the owner has never worked for LV a day in her life, she just has STUDIED?the brand. This is complete bull-crap. I am a true Designer Handbag Lover and have a very select collection and I think the way people are being treated by Ebay and paying for someones advice about the bag is ridiculous, anyone that is a true designer collector would never rely on these services of Ebay or Poupette! You would be confident about your designer collections enough to know what to do.
    Just had to vent a bit.
  12. Otherwise, you could consign your bag to isoldit, snappyauctions, etc. Good luck :smile:
  13. MyPoupette ( Angie is the owner ) is trully LV collector, you can see a bit of her collections on her auctions ( ) and I think she begun collect LV since LV-French.Co.

    Angie authenticate from pattern, etc and they don't need to smell, touch etc exceptly for some items, they need you to ship it to them.

    If eBay join with MyPoupette to fight the counterfeit, so what to do?? Of course you need to get authentication letter or authenticate from MyPoupette to still "survive" on eBay.
  14. Thats exactly my point, you must not know much about the designer handbag business, if this is the case anyone can start a business doing this, she has never worked a day in her life at LV, the original post and so many others pay $10 just to send a picture(as said it first post)and have them look at a picture for them to shell out hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars, I just think it is a ridiculous thing. Of course you have to have a handbag in your face to really see if it is real or not, but a real good fake will match to anyones eyes, that is why there is a problem now because so many people have been selling good fakes on ebay, etc.etc. I just think if someone is going to shell out thousands of dollars for a USed designer handbag that they should be sure they are getting what they ask for, so just sending a picture and paying $10 is just as good as paying for an opinion of someone who has never been at a LV factory or meeting a day in their life, It's ridiculous. If it was so great sellers that are certified with mypoupette would not have there listing removed, but LV's argument with Ebay is valid. and Ebay is wrong for allowing it for so long and now ruining peoples lives(thats the part that disgust me), they should just shut the whole designer handbag area down and reestablish, there are many power sellers and mypoupette sellers that just Alwasy has the same LV-Chanel-FENDI-etc bag, you and I both know you can't have 10 designer handbags to sell every week of the same bag, this is not normal, so yes, most are fakes because a picture is an opinion not an authentification. A real designer handbag collector would understand this completely and understand what is going on in this industry.
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