"Good girl" in Paris!! :P A very very short Mia reveal (w/ modeling pix)!!

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  1. Hi dears!!

    Long time no see!!! I haven't been in Chanel sub-forum for quite some time since last December....well.....ahem....I kind of moved over to the other dark Orange side. :shame:

    Anyway, I went to Paris just this March for my annual shopping spree (girls only without DH..LOL!) and I did a little Chanel shopping of course. This time, my reveal will be super short...coz I was too broke with my H purchases! You will understand when you hop over to my H reveal here :sneaky:.....

    with my orange skyscrapers here...:sweatdrop:

    But I'm really happy to share my Chanel loot with you gals. I never leave Paris without some Chanels to come home with me...:P

    Here you go!! This will be short and sweet!
  2. Let's start with the small boxes...shall we? (I think you know what those are....hehehehehe!)


    Chanel 11P multicolor beads dangling earrings

    I really love the combination of colors in this bunch of beads....you have mauve, glittery gray and black beads with some pearls!
  3. :tup:
  4. Here here here. You finally have time to post your Chanel purchases
  5. Here! :presents: and :faint: on your orange tower.
  6. Wow, u must be a superstar or multi billionaire to afford all those h items.. :smile:
  7. Second.....

    I am really fond of this collection since I saw these from the Chanel website:


    Well, I couldn't find the exact same necklace and cuff that I like....but I'm so happy to bring home these instead! (I think they might be from the same collection!)

    11P gold/khaki Leaf dangling earrings with beads


    I love the fact that this is a little twist to what Chanel usually does for earrings such as dangling pearls and flowers......this "leaf" is more special with the little khaki brushed effect on the gold.

    And what else came home with me??? Ta da!!

    The matching "leaf" necklace in the same gold/khaki color!

    A quick modeling of the necklace...
  8. Holy Cow for that orange tower :wtf: :P
    Congrats and can't wait to see wait you got :popcorn:
  9. Yeah Mia!
  10. And since I'm on a "green" mode......this came home with me too!

    11P Khaki Green CC Dangling earrings

    The dangling green bead has a slight pearly finish with some vague glitters on it.....and I love that the metal color of this pair of earrings is copper (not the usual gold or silver) to add that "vintage" vibe to it...
  11. Loving all the CJ's so far Mia!
  12. Now, for those of you who are traveling to Paris and would love to score some nice costume jeweleries, Chanel Paris is now very strict with the number of costume jeweleries you buy because they want to avoid resellers (I am really glad that Chanel is so strict on this policy now as I detest resellers very much! LOL!). Each passport is only allowed to buy 4 pieces of costume jeweleries, and among these 4 pieces, you can't buy more than 2 of the same category. So, you cannot buy 3 necklaces and 1 pair of earrings with the same passport (the computer will show a warning that you have exceeded the limit of 2 necklaces which belong to the same CJ category). You can, however, buy 2 necklaces, 1 pair of earrings and 1 brooch for instance. (Well, I managed to buy more than 2 pairs of earrings since I used up the "quota" of my friend's passport...LOL! Good she didn't buy any earrings!)

    Anyway, this is the last costume jewelery I got this trip....

    11P Butterfly pearl dangling earrings (this one is for my good friend!)
  13. Right here on time :yahoo:
  14. beautiful CJs! :love: I really like the khaki green earrings.
  15. Can't wait to see you reveals :yahoo:

    It's always gorgeous! :biggrin:
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