Good gift sites

  1. I have so many bdays and me and my bfs anni in july. do you guys know any cool gift sites.. personalised or otherwise. just anything little bit different...

  2. Ok, this is a unique one, but one of my favorites.

    This is a link to Rob's Violet Barn in upstate NY. They will send a package of 10 mini African violets to pretty much most places in the world and the cost is $35 before shipping. I had some sent to my friend in Vienna about five years ago. They were minis then and are full grown violets now and thriving. For some reason people just love these and they are not very expensive. I have had them sent to many friends and relatives as well and they all loved it!

    Rob's Violets has been featured on Martha Stewart Living TV show and also in her magazine several times.
  3. OOh-I really like uncommon goods! Also-try, they have really nice things.
  4. This is the website I was going to suggest too. They have pretty unique gifts and I have purchased from them a few times.
  5. ^i love red envelope too!
  6. I just checked out the provence website. Very cute! Thanks for the info.!
  7. Those little cakes are soooo cute.
  8. (they carry lladro and nao--make great gifts) (they have the most adorable piggy banks--you'll have to call though--great place...I've been buying piggy banks for baby showers there for about 6 years)
  9. WoW guy thanks sooo much. i use uncommongoods and redenevlope i love their stuff. thought this would be the perfec tplace to ask.. ill check the others out