Good gift for Hubby?

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  1. I want to get something small from LV for my DH but I am at a loss as to what to get. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

    He doesn't dress up so ties/cuff links/ or anything of that nature won't really work. He has a Movado watch that he barely wears so wrist watches are a no go. He currently has a Damier wallet. He doesn't like items that scream labels so nothing with LV too noticable. lol You can see how I am at a loss.

    All suggestions are MUCH appreciated. Thanks!
  2. The geant line has some fantastic bags. my bf likes a few of them for a computer bag. also, epi is masculine. my bf loves his mandarin epi wallet. and now the bf is saying the lv cruise line is pretty friggin cool. as are some of the sunglasses.
  3. probably something from the epi line :smile:
  4. taiga will be a good choice:smile:
  5. Take a look at the tiaga line. My husband has a card holder and loves it. And it doesn't scream LV.
  6. I got my BF a damier wallet but you said he already has one. How about a scarf? I know it's summer, but... it's the thought that counts. haha
  7. how about a Taiga key-holder?
  8. I would go with an damier or EPI keepall.
  9. I'd suggest you check out the Utah leather as well.
  10. My suggestions:
    Pocket Organizer
    Taiga 9CC Bookfold wallet
  11. Epi Billfold with 6cc slots!!
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions!

    I was looking for something that wasn't a wallet - since he already has one. I like the Scarf idea but I was hoping to pick up something that he would be able to use now. I LOVE the Damier Geant laptop bag but it's a little out of my current price range. I was hoping for something small - yet thoughtful.

    Argh - men are SO hard to buy for. :hysteric:
  13. again, the Taiga key-holder :P

    i bought my ex the 6-key-holder last year, and it was only just over $200USD :yes:
  14. Doh! :Push:

    I swear I wasn't ignoring you!

    I was thinking about it. But his car uses just a large fob (push button start). Would a large fob fit in it? Aside from his car key he has a house key and mailbox key. That's it.

    I may need to go check it out just to be sure. I wonder if he would find it too bulky to put in his pocket? Did your ex find it cumbersome?
  15. I found this on the elux the Taiga Leather Cut Belt for $395 USD.... is anyone familiar with this IRL? Is the LV noticable? He tends to wear his shirts tucked in so I don't think people would see too much of the belt buckle. Or is it too noticable?


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