Good front loading washing machines?

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  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good front loading washing machine?

    Im looking for one that lasts long (not needing repair, doesnt leak)... im pretty new to this but my current one always leaks and is costing me so much to constantly repair.. any recommendations would be great.. thanks!

  2. I've had the dark grey Duets for 3 years now and can't complain.
  3. I have a Kenmore Elite HE 3t and really love it. I've only had it 18 months, but still working fabulously!
  4. We have the same ones and they're great!!! Just make sure you have them on the right sides of one another (so that the door hinges are on opposite sides). Our hinges are both on the left so to get from the washing machine to the dryer is a little annoying. There's a kit you can purchase but we haven't done it yet and we've had em for about a year now.
  5. we've always had mieles and they're fantastic. i even put cashmere in them :shame: :whistle:
  6. If you can, get a Miele! They are fantastic machines that are built like tanks. We have one, and my grandmother has one. My grandmother's is over 25 years old and still works like a pro and gets the clothes clean and soft!
  7. This is the Miele we have:


    Granted, it doesn't look as fancy or futuristic as some other washers do, but this thing is fantastic!! It's the Miele W4146 PS. It's quite pricey and cost around 1000 EUR, but they truly are an investment, just like their vacuum cleaners. The energy efficiency (Grade A - excellent) is wonderful on this machine as is the water usage!
  8. After two front loaders which have been completely disasters, my next one will definitely be a Miele, like I used to have years ago in Norway. Left it when we moved abroad, bet it's still going...
  9. i have the bosch washer and dryer-- they are really fantastic-- i love them great capacity plus they dry well
  10. We've had a Frigidaire for 4 years now, no complaints so far. It has the energy star label on so we got credits from our utility companies (water & power) - around $150-200. It was a very good purchase.