Good Foundation for Sensitive Skin?

  1. hi everyone! ill be shopping on Sunday and would like your help in deciding what foundation would be good for my ultra sensitive and red (a good majority of the time) skin. i need probably a more creamy foundation (compact, i hope) because i have extremely thirsty dry skin and i can use the coverage. what do you recommend? ive been using clinique super balance and dior compact but want to try something new...TIA!
  2. Hi, have you tried mineral foundation? If interested, why don't you contact this young lady called Luca and ask her questions about her products? Definitely worth trying, IMHO!

    Sampler kit for fair skin

    Sampler kit for tan skin

    Comments from two users with sensitive skin:


    "I had been using the same foundation for many years when the company decided to change it... and my quest began. *sigh* I have a very, very fair complexion and my skin is extremely sensitive. I also have bouts of adult acne and mild rosacea. I have tried numerous brands, none of which offered samples, and paid full price for a dozen or more foundations I couldn't use. I had been wanting to try a mineral foundation, but even the high-end brands of this type of foundation were too dark for me. When I came upon this sample size offer, I decided to try it. But I thought it sounded too good to be true. Well, I'm a believer now! I've been wearing it for the past three days and am completely hooked. It feels incredible, like wearing nothing. And, wonder of wonders, it comes in a shade that actually matches my skintone!!! It hasn't made me itch or break out. It doesn't irritate my skin. And I live at the beach and have worn it outside in 90 degree heat. I was sweating, but it didn't cake or run. I just blotted with a tissue and it was fine. Ok, I know this is long but I have to say one more thing... Because I had tried so many other disappointing products, I contacted the seller to let her know my situation. She was wonderful. She was confident that it would be right for me, but more than willing to work with me if I was unsatisfied. Thanks, Luca! You and your product get an A+++."

    YouStinkSoap (nice name for a soap-maker :smile:)

    "I've never tried mineral makeup and was very surprised at the ease of application and the coverage. I suffer from excema on my cheeks and the redness and hive visiblity was greatly reduced! No heavy, clog poring, uckiness - feels so smooth and clean! LOVE IT -YAY! Highly recommend - Thanks so much for a fab product!"
  3. Do you have access to Trish McEvoy cosmetics? I don't have any specific recommendations, but her cosmetics are supposed to be very good for sensitive skin.
  4. biotherm has foundations for sensitive skin
  5. if your skin is really red body shop do a green colored concealler that cancells out the redness in your skin and it cant be seen under foundations. i wont leave the house without it.
  6. I've always heard that Clinique was good for sensitive skin.
  7. hehe i live in san francisco, so it should be no problem =)

    thanks everyone for giving me your input! ill definitely check all of them out before deciding. i hope i find the right one =D
  8. I would recommend mineral produts as they are pure minerals from the earth and have no talc or fragrance added. They also offer natural SPF. I use Pur Minerals.
  9. I use Trish McEvoy, very good, also like YSL teint Eclat De Soie but it is bottle not compact!