Good for a school bag?

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  1. cute! I was thinking of buying the grey one to use for class..If i ever see it go on sale I definately will:smile:
  2. I know, it's cute! However I think it might be a little big? I don't carry a lot of stuff and I don't like bags that seem to overpower me. LOL. I will have to check it out IRL
  3. cute, and in gray for sure

    not too big, you'll get used to it LOL
  4. I quite like grey!
  5. To me, it'd be great for a short trip rather than for school. But it's cute! I'd go for the grey.
  6. I don't like the pattern on the bag. But I think it's cute otherwise.
  7. Its a good size for a school bag; I'd get the grey one since it will probably match more.
  8. Cute :biggrin: the grey will be easier to match but both colours are sweet
  9. It has a bow, so there's no possible way I could dislike it. Both colours are cute but I think any dirt would be less visible on the grey.
  10. It's cute but I think it'll be too slouchy for school
  11. Wow, that's cute. :biggrin: *likes it*
  12. Very cute. A flash of color is fun and the pink matches the bow design concept of utility wrapped in girliness.
  13. Nay
  14. grey..