good flats

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  1. im looking for comfortable flats. i bought a pair from target that do absolutely nothing for support. and im hoping someone can help me find comfortable ones i can wear a lot. i'd like them simple and not too intricate. please let me know
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    If you want a flat that actually has an arch support in it, you're probably out of luck -- or maybe the Cole Haan Nike Air ones (Air Bria?). Your other option is to buy a comfortable flat and put an insole in.

    I just went over to my basket of flats and tried a few pairs on. I'm going to sound like a broken record, I'm sure, because these same brands get recommended over and over on TPF. But here are the ones that I tried on, and what I thought in terms of fit/comfort/support. None of the three have any arch support, FWIW -- all have a flat insole. When I refer to "support" below, I'm talking about how the shoe hugs the foot.

    Repetto BB: This is a very simple, classic ballet flat (think Brigitte Bardot -- for whom it's named -- or Audrey Hepburn). It has the least support of the three, because the leather is the thinnest/softest/most delicate. It's very comfortable, but I would probably put it at the bottom of the list if you're going to be doing any large amounts of walking. Mine are half a size too large, so I put in Foot Petals heel grips and Dr. Scholl's for Her gel insoles (which actually do have a heel cup and arch support) -- so that makes it a bit more comfortable for extended walking IMO.
    Sizing -- order 1/2 size up from US.

    Lanvin: Very elegant and simple in appearance. (Mine are suede, and the material is the most buttery, gorgeous suede I've ever encountered. I have a leather pair on order, and assume that the leather is of equally high quality.) Hugs the foot, and provides significantly more support than the Repetto. Feels really wonderful on -- much like a bedroom slipper. Good everyday shoes in my opinion, though I wouldn't necessarily recommend them for heavy walking (e.g. sightseeing). The most expensive of the three by a lot. I've heard that they need to be resoled fairly quickly.
    Sizing -- order 1/2 size up from US.

    Tory Burch Reva: Trendy, some would argue played out. Difference in comfort between materials -- suede is absolutely wonderful (again, feels like a slipper) and nappa leather is also very soft and comfortable while I find patent painful. The most substantial of the three flats; rubber sole feels "cushiony." This is the one that I'd recommend for substantial amounts of walking (if I were wearing a pair of flats all day sightseeing, for example).

    There have been some really terrific deals on Repetto and Reva flats in the sales lately (I've seen them from $50-ish-$80-ish at the low end). For more alternatives, I've also heard good things about Jeffrey Campbell, French Sole (there's currently a sale on at the Garnet Hill catalog site), and the Me Too Nevada flat, and I've personally had great luck with several pairs of Steve Madden flats.

    Good luck!
  3. I bought this pair of Tod's shoes they are a mix of ballerina but with the support of a real shoe, they are very comfortable! I would recommend you Tod's ballerinas, they are the best in my opinion and I have very sensitive feet!

  4. i suggest looking into Cole Haan flats. you're absolutely right about target shoes- very uncomfortable with no support.
  5. Another vote for Tod ballerinas. Try several styles on as they have different toe shapes (some rounder than others). I like the pebbly rubber bottoms both for walking and driving.
  6. ^ and so you don't have to spend extra money to make a new sole like for MJ, Dior, Gucci etc!!
  7. What's your price point? I've had good luck finding really comfy flats from Cole Haan and Geox. I used these a lot for traveling when I'm walking a ton and the support is perfect.
  8. ^ Geox are made in Romania and are a lot overpriced!
  9. My favorite are me too flats. French sole makes some nice ones too. If you are looking for support look for a brand called Cordanni. They cost about $200 and are built very similar to Lanvin. They are just hard to find but I have seen them at Nordstrom.
  10. :confused1: The last pair of Geox I purchased were $90. I don't think you can ever overpay for comfort.
  11. ^agreed w/ other poster, the Tory Burch Reva flats are VERY comfy.
  12. Here in Italy they cost around 100 euro and they are at 30 euro at the outlet and their design is stolen from Tods and Hogan and Fay and made in Romania for very few money... they don't worth 100 euro.
  13. i agree, the revas are played out, but i still love them. it's very hard for me to find a comfortable flat. i own the revas in about 10 colors. they're played out, but as long as my feet don't hurt, i'll deal with the played out-ness.

    they're so comfortable. i wear them everyday at work.
  14. I find that Naturalizer flats are pretty comfy, and cheap.
  15. My favorite are flats from Clarks and flats from another line made by clarks called Privo. I have several pairs from both and use them when I go to Europe and am out walking all day. the privo's especially (about $85-90) are so comfortable and light and don't need any breaking in.