Good fitness/workout/exercise mag?

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  1. Any suggestions? I love reading, bought Fitness RX last weekend, and it isn't for me. Anybody read any fitness mags?
  2. I love magazines. I especially love Self and Shape. I also subscribe to Yoga Journal. I recently picked up Prevention and was amazed at the amount of information they include in the magazine. I also like Health magazine. Read Fitness every so often. I used to read Oxygen but was turned off.
  3. I do have subscriptions to Shape, Self and Woman's Health. I might prefer shape the most of those 3
  4. Oh yes Women's Health. I like that one too. Yes, I am a magazine slut :P
  5. I really like Shape and Self too.
  6. Looks like Shape and Self are the big winners, will head to B&N for them
  7. Oxygen has some good reading in it. The only thing that annoys me about this mag is all the advertising about diet pills. I don't like Shape as there is too much beauty/fashion crap in it. If I want to read about make up I'd buy Cosmo.

  8. Bought Shape today, and yeah, agree with you there. lots and lots of other stuff in there, it almost feels like the fashion mags I buy, not enough health and fitness for me, lol. Maybe i will try Women's Health next
  9. I love Women's Health - I've been meaning to get a subscription.
    I've never checked out Self or Shape, though I'm kinda tempted to. Right now, I get subscriptions to Cosmo and Rolling Stone (both were gifts) - I'm so sick of both and debating canceling and ordering a fitness/health one instead.
  10. Subscribe - it's so much cheaper!
  11. I get all of those, too! I also prefer Shape to the rest of the mags. My SO gets Mens Fitness, I actually enjoy that one too, because it has a lot of "build muscle" type of exercises in it.
  12. It depends what I'm looking to read...shape and fitness are good for overall health stuff. But if I want hardcore workouts or weight-lifting, I prefer oxygen or womens health! I do basically like all of them though :smile:

  13. Before subscribing, I like to buy one copy to see if I like the mag. Glad I did it in this class since I wasn't thrilled with either Women's Fitness RX or Shape. Going to try a couple of others, thanks!

    I am looking for something that is stronger on work out. weight lifting/exercise/ losing weight type stuff, I really don't want tons of fashion/other articles.
  14. I second the recommendation for Oxygen. It is my favorite. I do also get Shape and Fitness, too, but they're a little lightweight on informational content compared to Oxygen. MF Hers would be my second choice. I've gotten a few Fitness Rx issues, and I find I don't really like that one.

    I also really like Clean Eating (same publisher as Oxygen). Great recipe ideas and nutrition info.
  15. What does MF Hers stand for?