Good fit or not???

  1. i just found a simple pump 85mm in black patent but in size 8.5, i am a us size 7 and an 8 in suede decolletes. do you think an 8.5 would be to big in patent simples for me? does the patent run smaller than the kid leather in simples. please help i really want this shoe but afraid it might me too big. oh and i like my shoes to fit a little loose for comfort. TIA:p
  2. Many Louboutins do run small, but the Simples are quite true to size. I went up a half size--but I think going up a size and a half might be too much in this style.

    Patent shoes don't stretch as much, but the sizing seems the same.

    I would suggest trying a 37.5--maybe a 38 at the largest.
  3. I agree, I think that going up to an 8.5 would be too much.
  4. darn it i really like these but cant seem to find them anywhere else but eBay:crybaby:
  5. Yep this sounds a bid too big. I am a 39 in VP's and take a 39.5 in simples You should call the Paris stores I remember seing the patent simples 85 there now I really don't know the sizes they might have.
    Phonenumbers for all the stores are on their website:
  6. They will be too big unfortunately. You only need to size up 1/2 from your US size in the patent Simples. =( Hold out to see if they show up in your size on eBay.
  7. They'll be too big. I only sized 1/2 up from my regular size to the Simple 85.