good fashion school?

  1. What's a good fashion school that's not too expensive? Parson's way out of my wallet's capacity. I'm still in Univ studying marketing right now but I'm considering taking up fashion merchandising/marketing after graduating.(2yrs from now)

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  2. well i went to FIT ( fashion institue of technolgy).it's a very prestigous fashion college / CUNY in chelsea/ NYC. I went their for 4 yrs and graduated w/ my bachelor's. It really gave me a great education in order to work in the fashion industry .. best of luck . if you have any other questions feel free to PM me!
  3. If you aew thinking of writing for a fashion mag, can you go to fashion school for that???
  4. Unfortunately, all the good ones are expensive. If you're serious about a career in fashion, Parsons and FIT are practically the only way to go. The University of Philadelphia (formerly had another name) isn't bad either... has a very impressive list of alumni (including VPs at Calvin Klein and Donna Karan), and is less expensive than Parsons and FIT. Also not as prestigious.
  5. Moore's College of Art and Design is in Philly - I looked into it a little bit... seems nice, but it's an all female school.
  6. My sis got into FIT and Parsons but decided to go to FSU for fashion merchandising (parents did not want her in a big city...and considering her wildness in a smaller town like Tallahassee...they were right :p)

    She's enjoyed the program, I can't speak for her personally, but I can tell she has learned a lot. Several of the teachers would make her come dressed for class in a dressy and fashionable ensemble and such.

    Oh and the job placement rate there is really good, apparently.

  7. I also went to FIT. ^^^ITA...

  8. I can't seem to pm you. :confused1: I'm a newbie so I'm not sure if PM would be the same as the option of sending a message via email?(because in other forums, it's a different thing) anyway, how much did you get to spend anually in FIT? What job occupations can I expect after graduating from Fashion Merchandising?
    Thanks! It means a lot to me that you're offering insights. :smile:
  9. hello .. i tried to PM you as well , i do nto think u have it enabled. Pm is a private message. if u left click on a persons name , an option to pm them will show up ..anyways here is my email address.. feel free to email me. just label it w/ TPF or something so i don't delete it ..