Good fancy cut sims?

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  1. I'm interested in getting a sim ring that looks nice, either in an emerald cut or an asscher cut. Can CZ look convincing in these cuts? Does anyone know of a place to buy a nice ring set in either sterling silver or 14k gold with an emerald cut stone or an asscher cut stone that looks convincing? Does anyone have one that they can post pictures of on this thread?

    I would like to get something SMALL also. I'd like a 1 carat, 1.5 ct or at most, 2 carat stone and I prefer something on the smaller end. No offense to anyone,b ut I don't like rings with huge stones that I couldn't possibly afford IRL, and I want a simple setting, a solitaire, not a huge blingy setting.

  2. Yep, I got an answer from you. I've bought many rings from Wink at If you want to check them out or the Asha, go to and check out the forums. Wink (winfield) has his own forum there. beautiful stuff. I've got many rings, earrings, pendants from him.
  3. I can't believe how much they charge for the settings. I'm sure the markup on the simulants is high, but I know the setting prices are outrageous. :tdown:
  4. Thanks for your reply. I've heard of Wink and seen his website and also the thread on his sims on this forum. I've seen many photos of his round brilliant cut czs. Do his emerald cuts and asscher cuts looks at good? Do you have any pictures of your rings that you can post?
  5. I have a palladium cathedral setting (7mm v-cap) from Winfield's and it seemed reasonably priced to me, $435, but I am not an expert. I had searched high and low for this type of setting. Their settings with diamonds seem high to me tho :faint:
  6. ^oops it was $383 for the setting alone. Roseco setting.

    black jade, I don't know enough about the emerald/asscher cuts but you might want to take a look at Winfield's Jubilee cut... it's some sort of modified cushion.
  7., look at the Diamonique. Many of the rings are available in gold or sterling.
  8. +1, Ashas and Winfields are the best!
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    Diamonique has some great reviews (90+% positive with 100+ reviews) for their products. I actually just bought a 3 stone ring today for when I travel. I can't wait to get it.

    So much is sold out, but here's an option from them:

    2.6 tw 3 stone asscher cut (waitlist)
  10. I have one Diamonique piece. It's a round brilliant pendant on a chain. I wouldn't say it looks exactly like my real diamonds of a similar size (about 1 carat) but it looks pretty good, especially for the price. Does the Asscher look like a real diamond Asscher? I have never seen an Asscher in person. I keep hearing that they have an amazing look-- that you get sucked in as they look so deep that they seem to go on forever. Would this also be true in a sim?

    I also wonder, if the emerald cut sims look like glass or really look like diamonds. Has anyone seen both so that they could compare?

    (Thanks also for the recommendation about the Better Than Diamond Boards. I enjoyed reading them last night, but they didn't really answer my question about comparing sims and real diamonds in these special cuts.)
  11. I would worry that something like an emerald cut might look fake ... ive only seen sims in round brilliants and i thought maybe it was because its the easiest to replicate?? BTW - I wouldnt say 2 carats was small!
  12. its nice i just think it looks too perfect ... ive not seen any IRL though, as i mentioned.
  13. I'm sure you can find some pictures of asscher cut diamonds that TPF members have if you do a search.

    I wouldn't worry about it looking too perfect. With that kind of cut, you need a very high clarity, so most stones, to the eye, will look perfect.
  14. I guess I did sound as if I was saying 2 carats was small, but I didn't mean that! It's big for a diamond--and definitely out of my price range.

    I guess I meant that since emerald cuts and asschers 'face up' smaller, I'd be willing to go for a ring that looked as big as 2 ct. iin those cuts. But I would actually prefer smaller than that.

    Has anyone else had trouble finding more modest sizes sims?