good eyeliner

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  1. My eyes water alot so it's hard for my eyeliner to stay on the bottom without smearing.

    Any recomendations for a good eyeliner?

    I've tried mac fluidline, and other mac ones too.
  2. Bobby Brown gel eyeliner.
  3. Smashbox cream eyeliner i have it in caviar. i love it.
  4. I like Smashbox and Bobbi Brown as well.
  5. I love Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners too, and also Chanel.
  6. Chanel liquid eyeliner and also, Prescriptives makes a good one as well. My eyes are sensitive and those work for me. Also, a Chanel SA told me a three-step process: powder line from eyeshadow, then the liquid eyeliner and then the shadow liner again. Good luck.
  7. Clinque eyeliner works great for me. Its like a liquid/solid if that makes sense. You apply with a small brush and it stays on your eyes all day and it is inexpensive.
  8. I really like the Loreal Hip eyeliner, in the pencil form. It goes on so smooth, and it doesn't smudge on me at all.
  9. For the waterline, I find that what Coachwife said is the only thing that holds it all together for me. I'm not really a water-y eye person, but when it comes to anything I put under there it's not where I put it when I look at it an hour later.

    So I powder, then do a gel liner (normally BB), then I do either a shadow or pencil depending on what color I'm working with.
  10. Absolutely NOTHING works perfectly for me either, but this is the closet to perfect yet IMO.
  11. I use the Paula's Choice gel eyeliner. I apply it with a thin brush and then smudge it a little. It last and looks great. Washes off easily. Affordable!!
  12. I use mac fluidline. amazing stuff!!! Do your eyes water becuase of allergies? if so that can easily be fixed with eyedrops. otherwise just use a primer and perhaps that should keep the eyeliner on there.
  13. Which other MAC ones have you tried? The Fluidline didn't work for me either, but the PowerPoint pencil is great! But for maximum stay, I use the Liquidlast liquid liner -- it does NOT budge!
  14. I've got sensitive eyes and can't use any fluid eyeliner at all as they water excessively. I stick to pencils.
  15. MAC does have a waterproof one that stays put!