good experiences with zero feedback buyers?

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  1. someone with zero feedback just won one of my auctions :-/ she won yesterday and hasn't paid yet... normally this wouldn't worry me because there's 7 days and whatever, but she was a last minute bidder, bid around 30 seconds before it closed, then just didn't pay... is this weird behaviour? occasionally it takes me a while to pay if i've bid a few days before the auction ends and won, as i don't realise til the next time i'm online, but no more than 48 hours and if i win whilst i'm there, i pay straight away. i sent her an invoice, but still nothing...

    i know i'm being impatient and i'm not normally, but when i read about all the stuff that goes wrong in this forum, then get a zero feedback winner who seems to be a slow payer, i'm convinced it's going to go wrong!

    i hate ebay, it always seems to be more stress than it's worth. give me your good experiences with zero feedback buyers to make me feel a bit better!
  2. Hi, I think only time will tell, I've had experiences with both (zero feedback bidders who never pay) and one zero feedback bidder who did! It was the most expensive bag I'd sold on Ebay and I was convinced she was not going to pay, then she did pay and I was paranoid about the payment clearing into my account, and then it did and I sent it to her and she emailed me to tell me she received it and loved it! So have does happen!
  3. me, as a newbie not so long a go, paid as soon as wont, high end stuffs
  4. They may be trying to pay but are unaware that they need to confirm their Paypal account, this can take up to 5 days depending on their online bank.
  5. i paid immediately when i was a newbie...but angelah has a point coz when i started purchasing items more than $100 i had to upgrade my paypal account and it took me 2-3days for me to get the validation code before i was able to pay for the item ...

    but you know, it could go either way when the person just happens to be a joy bidder...

  6. True I have had this happen to me as well. THe buyer contacted me after a couple days apologized for the delay in paying and said they had to wait three days with there new account. So take heart, they probably will pay. Good Luck With That:tup:
  7. I've had one complete, good experience with a newbie (0 feedbacks). She did a buy-it-now, and paid for it immediately. She loved the tank top and it was a great transaction.

    Recently, someone else with 0 feedbacks bid and won some shoes I was selling, and she paid immediately after winning too. Still don't know if she will try to scam me via bait-n-switch or Paypal disputes yet, hope not :sad: I've sent the shoes already though.

    I suggest doing an "advanced search" on the newbie. You can type in their username on the "serach items by bidder" section (left hand column in advanced search), with "not highest bidder" checked, and then it will show all the items they've bid on recently. You can then make a judgement call if they may be a legit buyer or not. If in total doubt, you can refund them their payment (when they send it) and state that you do not feel comfortable shipping to a newbie.
  8. Email her and kindly ask if and when does she plan to pay for the item. GL!
  9. We were all zero feedbackers at one point. Try emailing her/him. I admit zeros are scary. I had a noob win one of my items, paid immediately, I'm a communicator all through the process so we emailed back and forth until it arrived and she was happy and she never left feedback. lol I hope that it works out for you as soon as possible.

    Keep your chin up :smile:
  10. still nothing :-/ i just viewed her bidding history and it shows that she has won four auctions but still has no feedback... i can't see what these auctions were or when they took place, but she has been a member for around 6 months. hopefully they're all recent and she's setting paypal up... i suppose it's a good sign that noone has left any negative feedback! i might email her and check that she's serious about the item because if not i can give a second chance offer to someone else.
  11. just done that and nothing seems out of the ordinary, only been buying stuff since the beginning of march and she's not bidding crazy prices on stuff, just bits of make up and necklaces... hopefully she's just a slow payer! checked the feedback of the sellers she has bought from and she hasn't left them any, so i'm guessing she just doesn't do the whole feedback thing which is a bit silly.