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  1. I saw several purses on that I was interested but was wondering if anyone had had good or bad experiences with them, had gotten nice quality or bad quality bags, etc. Thanks for any info!
  2. Out of China? Designer-inspired? "Lookalike"? I don't need to have had experience with them - I'd move on, fast - but that's just me. One of our members did buy a PS/1 look-alike and was OK with the purchase, said shipping was high and he bought some other things to make it less expensive... you might do a search for 'baginc' and see what comes up.
  3. Quite a lot actually came up for me on Baginc. This online store seems to be reputable, specializing in designer-inspired bags. I believe the headquarters is in Paris and the bags are made in Hong Kong (or was it China?) Some firms actaually DO make perfectly legal designer-inspired goods. Where they do, I think it can be an excellent service. I dithered over the Alexa lookalike for a while, but ended up buying an authentic Burberry satchel instead. According to online recs/reviews some of Baginc's bags are fab.
  4. You searched on tPF or online or? Can you provide a link(s) to your results?
  5. All you have to do is tap in and it will come up. Even just baginc. I mentioned the site to a friend who wanted a lookalike bag the other day. I don't know if she ordered anything though. But the site is quite visible.
  6. The other reason I didn't get that 'Alexa' is, I thought from the pics the leather might be a bit cheap-looking or hard. I think the bag was around $100. I dithered because having heard a lot of bad things about the Mulberry Alexa I was reluctant to lash out that kind of money on a possibly inferior bag, and I might not like it in use anyway. I walked away from a Baginc PSI lookalike for similar reasons. A few months ago I bought a PSI lookalike from ASOS. It's decent quality but I like the colour (mink) slightly less than I did to begin with. Having said that, it's just a low-priced casual bag but I haven't worn it much.
  7. I had to bump this thread, as I bought a BagInc bag recently and had a horrible experience. It was the So Soho large satchel, the Alexa knockoff.

    I wasn't expecting high-end quality, but it looked pretty cheap up close. The leather was not good at all, and the goldtone wore off the hardware within a day or two. Both zippers broke within a day and the strap broke while I was carrying it down the street! The company would only refund my money if I shipped it back to China along with the very heavy 'free gift' they sent with the bag.

    I ended up filing a claim with Paypal and getting a full refund. Lesson learned, I guess!
    I'm embarrassed that I made the purchase in the first place, but wanted to share my experience, as I made the purchase based on positive reviews online. I doubt my experience was a one-off, those reviews were probably paid.
  8. I bought 3 bags from banginc. with no problem! I mean you get what you pay for, the bags are good quality for the price! Your not gonna get a high end bag for under $100! It was fast shipping. I enjoyed there services.
  9. I'm glad to hear your experience was better than mine :smile: I didn't expect a high-end bag, but I've owned plenty of $60 bags that didn't totally fall apart after a week. Maybe that bag (the So Soho large satchel) was particularly poorly made.
  10. Im sorry but i dont know what you guys are talking about baginc is a great company I ordered from them and the bag is amazing! I say try it everyones opinion differs but I really like it and one of my family members ordered from them too and they had a great experience with them
  11. If you're looking for an "Alexa" - inspired bag, check out Danier Leather.
    They are a Canadian company but I am pretty sure they will ship to the US. They have knock-offs of so many bags, it's crazy. Mulberry inspired, Balenciaga inspired etc. I have never bought any of their bags - just jackets - but I have no reason to think the quality would be poor.
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    I bought the So Soho Reissue Satchel (one of the Mulberry Alexa inspired ones), but I'll be sending it back for a refund. It has a tear on the top part of the handle and the overall craftsmanship isn't that great (loose threads, mismatched hardware tones, the strap was just a strip of faux leather sewn onto cheap "backpack straps" kind of material, etc.). I was hoping it would be like one of those well-made faux leather bags (I own a few), but it's too shiny and looks and feels cheap even though it's supposed to be made of "high quality leather" as stated on the website.
  13. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience too. I wish I'd known that the bag would be shipped from China, which would've kept me from buying it. I'm currently waiting for a reply from them about my return request. If they don't agree to pay for the return shipping (since the bag also arrived damaged) - and I don't think I should have to pay anything extra (especially for shipping to China!) - I'll probably have to file a claim against them too.
  14. Last week I was sweating bullets cause I came across this thread AFTER I ordered the Alexa lookalike from baginc. I based my decision on reviews I watched on yt. I was comforted by the fact that I paid with PayPal so if it turned out to be a horrible bag, I would have no problem getting my money back. I received my bag today..... Omg I'm really impressed. This bag is well made and I think I will be buying more from them. I'm not endorsing the site, just sharing my experience.
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    I want to purchase a purse off there too... I tried using paypal and I was sent a confirmation email but the screen didn't show up when I originally purchased it... did you have to send them money?