Good experience in LV! Azur Saleya or Batignolles Horizontal?


Which one do you like best/find most useful? (I have a mono speedy 25 already)

  1. Azur Speedy 25

  2. Azur Saleya PM

  3. Batignolles Horizontal

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  1. I went into LV today on a mission to get a new Speedy 25. I tried the 30 also but 25 was DEFNITELY better on me. I tried many other bags but the 2 that struck me were the BH and azur saleya PM. Suprisingly the BH isnt nearly as big on my petite self as I expected. it looked great (only down side: no zipper and mono attacts too much attention where i live IMO) I really liked the saleya, I didnt expect to like it nearly as much!! Those who have the Saleya PM, how do you like it? Any feedback would be great! :smile:

    ****LONG - Why I had a great experience (if you dont enjoy long posts stop reading here :p

    I must say that although I didn't leave the store with anything today... I was helped by a wonderful SA!! he was very friend, kind, and patient!! He was also very personable! How was he nice? He was very casual and didnt pressure me to hurry at all. He happily and very willingly showed me all sorts of bags. I look young and he didnt give me any attitude or poor treatment at all based on my appearance! My little sister was with me along with her young friends and she is not shy either. She held the 2 bags i was debating btwn making dramatic poses (its hilarious, we do it for fun in the privacy of our own home and I do it also but would never dare doing it in public though she is outgoing and didnt think twice about it). I expected him to roll his eyes thinking "kids" as many seriously older SA may have done (if the "kids" werent in the company of someone middle aged) but he did not! He laughed along with everyone else. And seemed throughly to enjoy being there with us (he mustve be bored working). Also, as I was considering the Speedy 25, I spoke to him about how the dustbags for the 25 don't fit it unless its folded. Instead of just saying, "oh thats how they come, they're supposed to be stored folded and no it doesnt hurt the bag at all" (implying "too bad" even though they know its not good to have it folded), he said "oh, yes the dust bag it comes with is small and it only fits when folded but I can give you a bigger one because it is not good to store it folded because it creases. He also gave me very honest opinions on the bags I was trying (such as azur 25 or 30) and gave me good information (that I already knew) such as oh, the print makes a big difference in how big or small it will look and thus which one will look better on you... but it is his thoughtfulness that counts. Also, I looked at the last saleya they had which was brand new with plastic on and everything but it wasnt made that well (handles were bent at base also piping on bottom wasnt even whereas display one was perfect but i didnt want a display) and he was super nice about it. I would say most other SA may have visually appeared annoyed at least a little but and give me the attitude that its a brand new bag, what more do you want type of attitude but he was just so kind! I informed him about it and explained how I really really inspect my bags prior to purchase as if any problems come up, lv it is sketchy whether itll be taken care of and it all depends who you talk to and how i just dont want to go though that hassle. He smiled knowingly and said he agreed it is a good thing to do and that he is the same way also. I just had a great experience with him. He was just wonderful, easygoing, patient, honest and very kind. I'm definitely going back to him!:yahoo:
  2. I like mochi too :yes:
    Went shopping all day today and took Saleya PM. It fit on my shoulder all day long without hurting or being uncomfortable even with the rolled handles.
    Easy to take my wallet and keys out compared to my Houston which is kind of tight and stiff.

    One girl in line turned around and said 'that bag is hard to match clothes don't you think?' She was carrying Cabas Piano but I thought Azur matched better with the jeans we were both wearing hehe.
    I bought a purple Calvin Klein eyelet top today and the color matchs so well with Azur. Yikes I am buying clothes to match my bag!
  3. ^Haha. I know I love mochi! Ok, honestly now... do you find it a pain to match clothes with or somewaht difficult to wear clothes that match it well? I happened to be wearing light blue jeans and a light grey cashemere sweater so you can imagine... azur was looking pretty good. If I'm spending nearly $1,000 on a bag (it's $945 with tax here), I want no regrets.

    Btw, I compared it with the Cabas today. I've liked the CP for a long time now, but I found that I liked the handles ont he Saleya more. It seems less "floppy" on my shoulder if that makes any sense and the shape seemed more structured (correct me if I'm wrong)? I must admit the mono is easier to match with though. Grr... now I think Im considering the cabas again!
  4. ^Yeah... I have the tendency to buy cloths to match my bag too.
  5. its great that you had a wonderful experience at LV today. i love hearing about peoples good experiences there. Your lucky to have found a good SA, so youll always be comfortable going back and getting what you want.
    I look youngish too, and after trying a few SAs i found one that treats me well and i have so much fun buying from her.
  6. awww it's good to hear people having great experiences at I bet that you can't wait to go back again eh? lol yeah, these constant urges drive me insane sometimes lol. As for the bag, I'd suggest the saleya PM (but I clicked on BH by accident...:push: lol) cuz you mentioned that you don't wanna draw too much attention to yourself
  7. mochi: the Saleya handles seem to stay on my shoulder better because of the rolled handles ? I have narrow shoulders and the outer straps of my other bags fall off except Pap but that's because of the angle the bag is to stay on the shoulder.

    I change my bags out regularly depending on what I wear but mostly live in dark jeans so Azur is great. I saw a lady at the bank with her Azur Speedy and she was wearing black pants and a top that was Versace-like. Too busy for my taste but she looked great as she sashayed with the bag on her arm.
    When you go back to LV try it on with something you wear the most during the week.
    BH is also a fab bag!
  8. i say saleya PM, the speedy 25 is a great size, but if you already have the speedy, get the saleya! And i would get it quick if you can!!! xx
  9. I'm inpressed with the SA you got!
    Wouldn't it be great if we could fill out opinion cards on our visit to LV, AND they actually paid attention to our opinions?
  10. Hehe..I look youngish too:sweatdrop:(still in college), and I basically live in jeans and shirts. I visit LV boutique quite often, at least 2-3 times a month, so most of the SAs there know me:graucho: . They greet me everytime I walk into the store....:p not a good thing though, I found its a bit hard to walk out without buying anything...:sweatdrop:

    I say Saleya PM too!!!
  11. I vote for saleya PM too:heart:
  12. I vote for BH. It is such a great size and it's a very comfy shoulder bag.
  13. Love the Speedy Azur!
  14. I like the Azur Saleya PM the BEST!
  15. I choose to buy a speedy AZUR first and now want a Saleya PM. I like them both but a bit bias to speedy style.

    Anyway, speedy is still the best seller.

    I think speedy will mostly looks good on anyone but saleya is not.

    NO BH in my vote.