Good Exfoliators

  1. Any good exfoliators that don't dry your skin out too much?
  2. I like St. Ive's apricot scrub - I use the version for sensitive skin and it's great!
  3. vichy makes a great one in a cream base - purete thermale detoxifying exfoliating cream.
  4. My all-time favorite is "Sweep" by Remede (it's the Bliss spa line) - the texture is creamy, it comes in a tube and you use just a little - I think it has pulverized marble in it.
  5. If you are feeling indulgent, my favourite is Laura Mercier Creme Brulee sugar scrub.
  6. Department brand - Shiseido
    Drug store brand - Aveeno daily scrub! It works great for me and inexpensive.
  7. Clinique's exfoliating scrub is awesome!
  8. the best one i have regardless of the weather is Yves Saint Laurent Instant Pur Natural Action Exfoliator (Granule-Free)[​IMG]

    It's 43USD. Available online @

    I love it because my skin is sensitive in this severe cold weather, and this is the only product that doesn't get my skin red at all!

    You splash the gel on your face, massage lightly, and it "Transforms into a light oil and then into a milk that gently removes dead skin cells and impurities during rinsing."
  9. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face wash.
  10. Philosopy's microdelivery peel has exfoliated my skin like nothing else. I had these little fine bumps on my cheeks, after 3 weeks, 2x a week they were gone. Oily of Olay has something very similar as well it is a two step process.
  11. Teh body Shop tea tree oil scrub is my HG exfoliator, 1 week without it and my white bumps were back, kill killlllllll
  12. Just bought this: Origins Modern Friction. After using it ONCE today, I've seen my pimple scars lighten by a tiny bit, and can see my skin glow like never before... It's fantastic and I really recommend it.
  13. Loreal's Pure Zone Step 1 scrub .... it works great!
  14. Hmm...I've using home-made exfoliator, super cheap and easy to make!! I had terrible terrible blemish problem:push:, and after i started to use this exfoliator 7 mths ago, i haven't had any serious break-out since.
    :nuts:ONCE a day, works absolutely perfect!!!!

    Cetaphil gentle cleanser (from drug store) + BAKING SODA (Yes, the one you can get from any supermarket:smile:)