Good exercise videos to recommend?

  1. Hi ladies!

    Anyone has tried or can recommend any good exercise videos? I've done yoga before although good, I could not stick with it cos' I was getting kinda bored (excuses, excuses!)

    So I thought it was time I start working out 'properly' but I don't like going to gyms and so Im thking of exercising at home with some good videos..? :p

  2. It depends on what kind you want and what your fitness level is.

    I have found the best site to look for workout videos is:

    There you can preview the videos and they have detailed reviews.

    Hope this helps!
  3. thanks!
  4. I love the Turbo Jam series, and I recently purchased the Hip Hop Abs series. Their websites are and I love them!
  5. ^^ thanks I will definitely check them out! :smile:
  6. which one do u prefer? I think hip hop abs kinda look more fun?? :tup:
  7. I too have tried Turbo Jam but if you are an advanced exerciser, it does not make you break too much of a sweat. For beginners though it is really good
    and the music is better than most videos out there.
  8. ^^ thanks!