Good Exercise Log Site/Program

  1. I found this website, President's Challenge
    and it is so useful. What you do is you choose a program, I did the Presidential Champions, for people who already exercise regularly. You do your exercise then log the time and activity, then recieve points for what you did. The exercise list has everything, from running to housework! The first goal, bronze, is 20,000 point. Then you try for Silver, and Gold.
    There is also the Active Lifestyle Program, which is for people who are trying to exercise 30 min a day 5 days a week. Also, once you reach a Silver, Bronze or Gold, you get a patch! I remember in school when I was always so close to getting a Presidential Award, just that one pull-up away, but here's my chance to get it!

    Not only for U.S. Residents, you can chose from a very long list of countries!
  2. Neat site! Thanks for posting this info.!
  3. Cool site!