Good Everyday Scarf?

  1. Hi Ladies!!

    I want to get a scarf for everyday use, as either a belt or something to tie around my purse. What colors do you think will go with everything? I usually wear jeans with a top in a variety of colors (pink, black, blue) etc.

    I know there are so many out there, but some suggestions would be great! Thanks!!
  2. I would try to look for one with all those colors in it! There's really too many to choose from. Look on for ideas.
  3. I have the Toho Bohu in pink and it has so many bright, beautiful colors in it.
  4. :smile: Thank you ladies!! Hm..I might wait until December, if we do our meeting in LV and get eveyrone's input :smile:
  5. You'll find that many scarves come with several "main" colors (red, grey, white) or (Blue, gold, brown)
    (orange, brown, yellow)

    If you're looking for blue with pink you can do
    This or This

    How about this one? you can definitely wear it with every color!!

    But scarves especially don't have to match your wardrobe since if you like wearing blue, pink, and a lot of colors you can just go with This

    I like the pocket squares best for everyday use, but if you wanna use it as belt etc... you can't do that with the pocket squares...

    If you are interested in scarves you should definitely visit...
  6. it bad if I want every single one???

    :smile: you ladies will definitely need to help me pick one out in LV! I wouldn't be able to control myself.
  7. no.......just typical:lol:

    I'd go with a nice blue - most people like blue (the world's most popular colour) and it will ALWAYS go with your jeans, pretty mush no matter what you have on your top half!:yes:
  8. i have an A Vos Crayons that i got on black in NY last May - it is great as it has lots of colours of the pencils but a dark background so you don't have to worry about lipstick marks etc or the odd spot (not that i put listick on my scarves on purpose!). also great with jeans or dressed up.