Good everyday bag...whitebus or evelyn?

  1. Hi Ladies and Gents:smile:

    pls help me decide for an everyday bag....raisin whitebus or orange evelyn?

  2. Those are so different. The whitebus is handheld and much more formal. I guess it depends on your wardrobe and lifestyle. Between the two, I prefer the whitebus, but would not use it as an everyday bag. The Evelyn does not work for me.
  3. For an everyday bag to use as a handbag/throw stuff in and go bag, I would use the Evelyne.
    For an everyday bag to take to the office with files and a laptop, the Whitebus.
  4. Thanks Rose and hello2703:smile: for your input.

    Lets hands are itching for a everyday H bag (im still waiting for medor and cdc in parchment). I emailed my very nice SA for the colors i like (orange, potiron, raisin). Is He Bop a good casual bag?
  5. ^^^^ Have you considered the Kelly? It's perfect for everyday use.
  6. Or a Bolide.
  7. Yes... kelly or bolide would be perfect

  8. im such a tomboy...i felt i cant carry the bag:sad: (but shopmom carry them with jeans thou and looks very fab!) its functional with the strap. im considering that as an evening bag in a 20cm, but i will have the clutch for that....

    hhmmm....dh always say to get the famous style of a brand instead of spending on 'irrelevant' things. its his way of saying...spend wisely.
  9. Bolide reminds me of LV's Alma. I already have 2 messenger evelyn is a :nogood:

    Rather go for a kelly...what size & color is perfect for everyday? I am 5ft tall.

    Rose...ive been looking for your 'glow in the dark' scarf:sweatdrop: i cant erase it from my mind (and orchid's Turandot)
  10. I love Evelyne.. its perfect for everyday imo. Kelly is always classic, if its an option then go for it!!
  11. You might also want to consider the Masai.
  12. thanks hello2703 and Hermes Junkie;)

    just checked out the ref thread....what is the diff between kelly retourne and sellier? i cant distinguish the difference:sweatdrop:

  13. the Kelly retourne gets literally turned inside out during the process and the seams are on the inside.
    The Kelly sellier does not get turned and has the seams on the outside, giving it a bit of a more 'formal' appearance. In general, sellier Kellys keep their shape better. However, the 'slouching' is often an effect that is desired by the owner. To each his own ;)
  14. i think everyone has a different definition of what an "everyday" bag means. for me, it's something that is big enough to carry whatever i need on any given day (so papers, water, baby stuff, etc) and can be worn over the shoulder. so while i agree that a kelly can be worn everyday, it doesn't work as an everyday bag for me. i lean toward shoulder totes to fill my everyday needs. i find the whitebus a little big and boxy for my taste and it can only be hand carried. if you're looking for a tote, try the victoria -- it's lovely (pic courtesy of my peko):

  15. Wow thanks, I forgot about the Victoria. And mypeko's is beautiful. Can it be worn over the shoulder?