Good ending to a bad ebay story

  1. Hi,
    I always look on eBay for Tokidoki bags, and of course see a ton of fake bags. I saw a listing that had ended and the buyer had paid over $50.00 for a really bad fake foresta stellina. I mean the bag was really ugly. I e-mailed the buyer and told her the bag was definitely a fake. The buyer e-mailed me back asking what she could do as she already paid. I told her to e-mail paypal, eBay and the seller. Well she e-mailed me today and thanked me, saying that she got back a full refund. :yahoo:So, don't hesitate to e-mail someone if you see they got scammed on a bag.\
    My good deed for the year. :nogood:
  2. idk...if the seller found out though, that could be a problem. Even though the bag was a fake, you aren't supposed to interfere with that eh? idk...maybe just emailing them a link to lambfashionista's blog would be better....idk educating them.
  3. Is it eBay's rule not to interfere, or is that just an unspoken rule. I would want someone to tell me it was a fake, who knows. I am just glad that I helped somebody out, and what could the seller do, he is doing something illegal.;)
  4. it's great that you were able to keep someone from buying a fake, but i do think there is a written rule about interferring.

    either way, i don't see how someone could buy one of those fakies & really honestly think they're real. if they took 2 minutes to look at other listings & other pictures, they would know right away that it was fake.

    jess, sending them a link is a good idea...
  5. I agree, when the buyer e-mailed me to thank her I e-mailed her a link to the tokidoki blog. But could someone post a link for me to lambfashonistas guide.
  6. ummm..lambfashionista runs the tokidokiblog so it's all on there.
  7. I would do this except it is totally against ebay rules. You are not allowed to contact buyers outside of an auction for this type of thing. I know you did something good, but it is against the rules and I don't want to get my ebay account suspended.

    The reasoning behind this is, if it WAS real, you *could* be another bidder who wants to get the bag at a lower price, or want the seller to relist the item because the transaction wasn't completed, and then buy it at a cheaper price, or osmething like that.

    This isn't to discount what you did, because it was a good thing, but just know that you could get your ebay account suspended for doing it. I know it sucks but that's the rules.
  8. ^Yeah, that's what I thought. Anyway, we'd be there all day because there are so many fakes on ebay it's kinda O__O I'm too scared to bid on bags there anyway cuz I'm so scared of them ripping me off, that's why I stick to folks I know lol.
  9. i have emailed someone before it seems like when you report the fake listing ebay doesnt do anything about & now there are just so many of them its hard to keep up on reporting them
  10. good for you!! Although what you did was against Ebay's policy, but you took that risk and made a difference. hehe..

    Its difficult in this society to stop people from making replica of authentic items. They are every where in every city of the country, no matter how strict the laws are against fake name brand, it seems like its unstoppable. I was just at the Cerritos Mall today, there was a store that sells hand bags, they have fake tokidoki bags, fake coach bags, fake LV....I mean its very obvious that they are selling replica. its sad!! but thats life....some ppl just couldnt afford real ones so they are willing to settle for a fake ones. thats life!! hehe