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  1. hello! i am looking for a good ebay seller to buy a panda or ceries pochette. (sorry if this is in the wrong section) do you have any good sellers (can be for any lvs or the panda and ceries pochette) thanks!:nuts:
  2. Jaimemc is great too as well
  3. Ann's Fabulous Finds too. A google search should bring up her site. :smile:
  4. Rebeccalou28 is good too :yes:
  5. timeless_lv is a wondeful eBay seller of LV items.
  6. I personally have bought from:

    All were great to deal with and very professional.
    Happy Hunting!
  7. I agree and always at good prices :yes:
  8. thehuangfamily as well.
  9. Real (so I've heard) but pretty expen$ive :sad:
  10. Has anyone had any experience with Orangeme! or highfashionx on ebay?
  11. I agree, timeless_lv is great!!
  12. also achimnelly, she accepts best offers, can offer quite low ^^
  13. Some of my favourite LV sellers on eBay (guaranteed authentic not listed here:


    nosweetlovinforme (be careful with this seller...I think she may have sold a fake CB pochette once, but it was a few months ago. She has best offers on her auctions though, and sometimes you can go really low with those.)
  14. There was a long thread a while back on the Ebay shoes and accessories board re Jaimemc - about a bag that reputable people said wasn't authentic, and the seller took down the auction after so many people saying the bag wasn't real.

    That scared me so I don't usually look at those anymore - I looked at those auctions all the time before that. I think most of the bags sold by that seller were real, but I tend to be overly cautious if I hear about someone listing a fake. I had a lot of respect for some of the people who said it was - kind of like John on our board.

    I've bought from authentic_lvlady and been very pleased, so I can vouch for her.